Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Old Country House Custom Dollhouse

My newest dollhouse is The Old Country house. This is a 2 story custom house built from scratch.
On this house I used a ready made door and 2 ready square dormer windows. All the other windows are custom.  This dollhouse is 19 1/2" tall(including the chimney) x 13" wide x 14 3/4" deep.
The colors are a light taupe for the siding with white trims and a light grey roof. The chimney is concrete.
I am including mailboxes on all my houses since I made the trailer! I just love them.  I also made a little crate and 3 flower boxes.
 The underside of the porch turned out fantastic with the planks looking all weathered.
And this porch has a swing. I had not done a swing in quite some time.

 The battery and switch and hidden in the chimney.
 The siding is birch.

There is only one coat of paint on the siding. It gave a marvelous vintage look with the grain of the wood showing through.

 The chair is my own creation. As it the little wooden table, chandeliers, rug, clay houses, paintings, box of photos. 
 The stairs are purchased.
 I also purchased this little metal table from the fairy garden department at Hobby Lobby. The little chair that comes with it is on the porch. The box of photos is something I saw on Pinterest. Easy to do!
 This is a pie cabinet sold at Hobby Lobby. It comes in a brown finish. I stripped off all the varnish and repainted it white, aged it with brown ink and finished it off with random grey paint streaks. The dot paper I used in the door is a translucent paper from Michael's Craft store(scrapbook).
The ceiling is scrapbook textured paper which has been aged with a brown ink pad.
This is the area in front of the stair landing. Super aged, super vintage!
 Upstairs I made a bed, a bench a clay house and books.  The nightstand is a purchased piece. I removed 2 drawers for a more rustic look.
 All the curtains are sprayed with hairspray so they stay perfectly in place and draping like real curtains.
 The chandelier is crystal seed beads. You can find the tutorial by clicking the tutorial tab at the top of the page.
 These little benches are easy to make and add tons of character to a room.
 I made a messy bedding this time. My last house had the bed perfectly made. Someone has already jumped in this one to read a book. :)
I made these 4 sketches of villages and sealed them with modge podge.
That's my dollhouse! I am listing it on Etsy.(
Thank you so much for your company! I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. This house is beautiful! I love how you redid the pie safe, smart idea! One of these days I'm going to use all this inspiration to finish my dollhouse.

  2. Another gorgeous little house! I love the dormer, and the little box of photos - such brilliant ideas. Can you make the photos bigger? It would be great to see the details better.

  3. How Lovely this cottage is Caroline! I particularly like the roominess of the bedroom and the arrangement of the furnishings on the main level. The serenity of the interior reminds me of a writer's retreat- very peaceful calm and relaxing and just the place where you would want to be!


  4. Beautiful house! I really liked 4 of the sketch, they are so cute!
    Hugs ♥♥♥

  5. OOOHHH Caroline!!! What a marvellous old country house! So many details... Love the furniture, the colors, the aged work, the porch... all, all!!! You are a great artist, and it was always so pleasant to discover your mini work!!! Have a great sunday!

  6. Me encanta tu estilo! Cálido, acogedor, tan alegre a la par, adorable... No tengo palabras!!! :)

  7. Hello Caroline,
    Another little piece of heaven. I love your ideas and how you put your houses together is just sheer inspiration to us all.
    All the best

  8. This country house is amazing. I really like the many details and colors.

  9. Thanks for the bigger pictures! Someone suggested that to me when I started blogging, and I think it's a good tip. I hadn't even noticed the ties on the blinds or the eggs in the crate. And I just love the picture taken through the window!

  10. Oooohh.... miten suloinen talo ❤❤❤

  11. What a sweet house. I always enjoy the detail that you add, each house with it's own special uniqueness.. The front porch swing is classic. The flower boxes, too, add a special romance to the house. Inside your original artwork makes the work uniquely yours. It will make some collector very proud.

  12. Un trabajo precioso.El exterior como siempre tan alegre y colorido, con preciosos detalles. Bonito columpio.
    Me encantan como quedan los estores de las ventanas.
    ¡Gran trabajo!.

  13. Una casa,preciosa,adorable,me encantaría dormir en esa bonita cama del ático y `poder disfrutar de las vistas,que seguro serán impresionantes,ya que una casa tan bonita,tiene que estar situada en un lugar inmejorable!!!

  14. Sweet and detailed as always. Makes me smile.

  15. Your latest creation is adorable and amazing as always Caroline...The messy bed is so pretty, who wouldn't want to jump in there and read a book:-) Also all the little accessories you've made are wonderful, love the box of photo's, the benches and of course the chandy's. Yes the lining on the porch ceiling is perfect and l love the weathered wood look of the boards on the house...l wanted to thank you too for the idea of aging the furniture with ink, l used this idea recently to stain one of my cabinets in the lounge after l painted it. l figured if you can use it on small pieces of furniture you could use it on big pieces. l didn't have the perfect colour ink so l added a little yellow food colouring to blue and black ink and it turned out a stormy grey green which l was really happy with Thank you for your clever tip:-))

  16. Delightful!!! It is really charming.

  17. I love your new house it is gorgeous. I love the porch and can imagine sitting on the swing enjoying a warm sunny day. Awesome work and details.
    Hugs Maria

  18. Je hebt dit weer zo mooi gemaakt al die kleine details super
    Caroline lieve groetjes Danielle

  19. I hope you are okay with the awful weather in Texas.

  20. Oh Caroline, I love is so sweet....
    You have so much creativity girly.....I just love all the
    neat lil touches you do. Some of the pics wouldn't come up unfortunately, cause loved all the ones I did see.
    Well, your love and creativity for mini houses never wanes or grows stale......that is for sure.
    Another winner!!
    Hope this finds you well and happy dear.
    Blessings, Nellie

  21. I just found this. How wonderful!!!

  22. I just found this - how wonderful!!!

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