Monday, August 15, 2016

1/144 Scale Dollhouse Cottage

I decided to make a tiny dollhouse for my dollhouse. It's 1/144 scale. And the inspiration is from Iris's cottage in the movie The Holiday.
The little dollhouse is 2 1/4" across x 1 3/4" deep x 3 1/8" tall(2 3/4" to the top of the roof).
I used 1/32" birch wood. 
3 fireplace mantels inside
I made a table, chair, rugs, bed, armoire and an itty bitty dollhouse.
I had to make a messy bed!
I covered the exterior with concrete that I carved with a toothpick for a stone look.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it!!! So charmant and so well done!!! A little adorable mini cottage...

  2. Maravillosa!!!! Es una delicia, un verdadero capricho!!!! ♥♥♥♥ La camita me ha encantado, pero la casita dentro de la casita enamora!!!
    Un abrazo! :)

  3. I have always loved that cottage in the movie! I love the bathroom and tub in the movie house. :) So quaint- the perfect Christmas/winter place to snuggle up in front of a fire! You did a great job! Love the teeny tiny furniture pieces!

  4. So Sweet! Love the tiny furnishings inside the house and also the stone finish on the exterior. Simply Adorable!

  5. Hello Caroline

    Oh my lord, that is so cute and welldone:)

    Best Regards: Lea

  6. Que preciosidad de mini casita,te ha quedado genial y con tu toque personal!!!!!

  7. It has become so irritating.
    Wonderful job.

    LG Alexandra

  8. Enchanting and lovely dolls house in 1:144 scale, Caroline, it's fantastic work. You even made the furniture, so teeny tiny!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. it's so cute, how clever of you to use a tooth pick to make it look like stone (I actually thought it was stone until you revealed your secret) it's a wonderful *dollhouse* :)


  10. This is SOOOOOOOO cute!!! That wee little bed is just the sweetest thing ever! You always outdo yourself Caroline...oh, and how the heck to you do all these fiddly things yet still have such beautiful hands and fingernails???

  11. I follow you for a while now, and have not yet left a comment earlier but now I need to !! What a great Dolls House, I'm working on a doll's House in vintage style myself and get so many incredible inspiration of your blog so that I wanted off my chest!! sorry for the not so perfect English many kind regards , Marja

  12. Oh Caroline, it's just divine!
    All the best

  13. Hi Caroline...what a fantastic idea and how great did it turn out....l love the stone cottage look and that it functions like a "real" dollhouse with all the accessories and detail. Goodness that bed is have the patience of a Saint to put all that together:-) Hope your week's going wonderfully...hugs Bron.

  14. Oh, I LOVE this so much!!!!
    I have recently (a few months ago) made a tiny roombox in 144th scale. It is tricky to find the small fabrics, but I Love to make the really tiny things! Your cottage has so much charm and the right atmosphere! Thank you for sharing! It is very inspiring!

  15. Your mini dollhouse is so cute and the details are perfect as always! I especially love that it has its own even tinier dollhouse inside!

  16. !!!! Es una preciosidad Caroline, me gusta muchísimo el exterior de la casa, con ese aspecto rústico y tantísimos detalles.
    La cama es encantadora y la mini mini casita increible.
    Un abrazo

  17. It's beyond cute!! So much detail in something so tiny. Absolutely love the bed.

  18. Ihana♡ Aivan kuin Hoidan elokuvasta☺

  19. You are very brave to take on 1/144th scale. The little house is so cute. I don' t think my eyes can focus on such detail, nor my slightly arthritic fingers hold such tiny things, nor my sometimes feeble brain concentrate . I'll enjoy your success.

  20. Wow Caroline I love your tiny house and all the furniture is amazing. The tiny bed is stunning. I love your work as always.
    Hugs Maria

  21. What an adorable little house! I love, love it!
    Great work as always!
    Hugs, Drora

  22. I love the beautiful little house! Amazing work!

  23. Hi Girly,
    How are you doing?? Can not believe you made that teeny
    tiny never cease to amaze me. It is darling,
    and as always so charming........
    I left a comments for you on my blog.....I will try to
    send it over but in case I forget check it's
    about the shrimp. lol

    Take care sweetie,
    and thanks for visiting.....always love to hear from you.
    Blessings, Nellie

  24. Es una maravilla, tan pequeña y con tanto detalle. La camita es preciosa! Un gran trabajo! Felicidades!. Un beso

  25. Your tiny house is amazing. to have managed to make stone walls in such a small scale is fantastic. And a tinier version of your great beds is stunning. I love everything.

  26. OMG, ur weensy house is so adorable! I giggled in delight while previewing your blog. ; D still loving all ur creations. I'm at my other website until Halloween. Thought I'd have a bit if potter fun with the new movie coming out in November (fantastic beasts).

  27. You are awesomely amazing. I love everything you make and design. Such detail and patience!