Thursday, January 11, 2018

Maison Francaise Custom Dollhouse

Finally, my first post of 2018! Are you ready for an awesome year?
My first freestyle project this year(not commissioned) will be Maison Francaise. This will be my signature type of French style town house.  With a plaster exterior, whites and greys throughout. Just like my previous house Under Paris Roofs. 
I had a lot of requests to make this one again. So here goes.
I start off by using 2 sheets of hardboard. I use hardboard because it's nice and straight, no warping!  I bought a ready made door and stairs.
I cut out my design with a scroll saw. I use the one below. It's not perfect. There are things that are annoying about it. Like the tightening knob to hold the foot in place keeps undoing. And the blade is hard to change. But it is a very affordable saw. And it does the work.
Attach the structure together with hot glue.
I found the ultimate hot glue gun! It's by Surebonder. You can get it at Hobby Lobby. It is incredible. I was looking for a new gun when I stumbled on this one. It was new. I hot glued Christmas lights around my real doorway(on steel and on bricks). The lights withstood everything! After Christmas, I had a very hard time getting them off the house. Lesson learned! Use tiny bit on real house...
But to put your dollhouse together forever- this glue gun works!  I use hot glue sticks from Joann's. But any will do.
By the way, I don't get paid by any stores or brands. All the materials you see are purchased by me. There's no fake reviews. I try to let you know what works best or what I find out there that can work for minis.
And if you are on the fence about building a dollhouse this year- just go for it!  You will love being able to make your vision come to life. Start with a small kit. Like the Primrose. Just to learn the scale and how things are put together. Then you'll be ready to jump in with both feet! And remember there are no rules. Whatever you decide to do and however you do it is the right way!
big hugs and the best year ever to all,


  1. Yay! I am SO EXCITED to follow you along as you work on this house! I can already tell it's going to be absolutely amazing :)

  2. You are right Caroline, Jump in with both feet ..... it’s easier to swim that way!!
    All the best. Janine

  3. Happy New Year to you too!!! A maison française as a project to start the new year is perfect, I love your french style houses. your basket with flowers is awesome.

  4. Un precioso comienzo de año nuevo,la casa luce fantástica,me gusta mucho tu sello personal en casas francesas,esos tejados maravillosos y esos grandes ventanales que le dan tanta luminosidad!
    Gracias por explicarnos tu forma de trabajar!!

  5. Qué inyección de belleza y optimismo para empezar el año! Tus casitas son tan preciosas que es difícil conformarse con menos, pero hay que intentarlo! :)
    Feliz 2018, promete ser muy creativo! :)

  6. Hi Caroline! I am so glad to see this tutorial demonstration of how you free-style your french cottages- Thank You
    And I am curious as to what in your opinion, you've found about the Surebonder hot glue gun that sets it apart from the others?

  7. Happy New Year Caroline! I love to see you off to a good start on another Fabulous French House!!! You are so inventive and brave with your designs! I Love the space you have started.... big windows and lovely "under the eaves" spaces! I Look forward to seeing more! Thank you for sharing your methods and materials! And your encouragement too!!! :)

  8. Best wishes for a great year Caroline. I look forward to watching the progress of the build.

  9. Wonderful project. I'm curious to see more.

  10. Thanks for the tips Caroline. I appreciate that you are honest & unbiased. Love the little rose basket btw. Did you make the roses or buy them already made? Either way, it's charming.

  11. Buon Anno! Bellissima la tua casetta francese! I tuoi consigli sono sempre generosi e utili. Grazie!❤️

  12. This house is so incredible.......i love it!!!!!!!

    All the best for the new year and i'm looking forward to even more houses from you :-)

    Hugs Sigrid

  13. La casa es preciosa!! Y las flores ideales. Me gusta mucho.
    Encantada de haberte encontrado.

  14. La estructura de esa casa me parece preciosa. Yo casi no uso la pistola de pegamento pero quizás sea más útil de lo que pienso.
    ¡Te deseo un gran año 2018!

  15. Thank you for this tutorial, it makes me want to try one!!!

  16. Happy New Year, to you, Carolyn. I look forward to watching you work this year. I always learn a new trick or two from you. I have not worked on the Texas Farm House since Thanksgiving. I have a power outage and I am sorely annoyed with the project and can't go any further until I figure it out. The new house that you are creating will be awesome!

  17. Es preciosa !!!!!, estoy deseando verla por dentro.