Monday, September 17, 2018

Dollhouse Country Kitchen Island

Sometimes I like a little challenge just to keep things fresh.  I go through Pinterest and find some 1:1 piece I like and I try to make it into a 1:12 piece. This time I found a kitchen island featured here:
Here is my version...
It measures 6 1/4" long x 2 5/8" wide x 3 1/16" tall.

 Of course I'm quite obsessed with old paint layer looks! No short cuts here. Just layers of paint, sanding, glue, and inks. The hardest part was waiting for each layer to dry!

 For the top I carved a little groove to make it seem like 2 separate boards.
 I made a couple containers of roses and a little clay house which I put under a glass dome by Tim Holtz.
 A stack of romantic ruffle plates(HobbyLobby) and a bird cage I found with the jewelry making things.
 This little metal tub is from Hobby Lobby. After I paint it I seal it with gloss. Those pumpkins are Putka seed pods. I found a package of this color at HomeGoods last year.
To do the writing part I used teeny stamps. Then to lock in the ink I used matte spray sealer.
 Here I decided to add a little lace towel.  I sprayed it into shape with hairspray.
I made this piece available in my Etsy shop
A new house is coming soon!  Stay tuned!


  1. The country counter is as cute as a button Caroline!, and your rustic aging is Really Special!

  2. Has hecho un trabajo estupendo- La mesa está perfecta.

  3. What a beautiful sideboard. She looks like the original.
    She would take both of them immediately.
    And decorated again so lovingly
    Great work from you.

    LG Alexandra