Friday, September 14, 2018

Swan Lake House Custom Dollhouse

Swan Lake House is my newest custom dollhouse and it's available in my shop! I don't get to make a house that's not commissioned often. But sometimes I schedule one in. 
I took the design of my last house which was a commission for Kellie called The Christmas Window and made a couple of changes to it.  I design these myself so there are plenty of measuring mistakes when I first come up with a new plan.  The first one came out perfectly. This one needed the roof re-cut.  So some how the measurements changed! I'll have to do it a third time to try and perfect those numbers.
 The door embellishment is done with a plastic rose from Tim Holtz. The steps are concrete.
 This house is 21 1/2" tall x 15 1/4" deep x 13" wide.
 This is a purchased window that opens. The walls are plaster. They are aged with brown ink pads.
 The vines and flowers are Hobby Lobby. 

The switches and batteries are hidden in the chimney.
 The downstairs is 8 5/8" tall. Upstairs is a generous 9 1/4" tall.
The interior is so shabby chic. All pinks, creams, whites and greys. And everything perfectly aged to make a fantastic backdrop to romantic minis.
 The swans on the wallpaper gave the house it's name.  I found the paper for this house at Michael's in the scrapbook section.
 I made the mantel and added an embellishment by Melissa Frances. Then added a working fire.
 Behind the stairs is the large picture window which is a bump out section.  The wallpaper is a grey backdrop with white dots. It's heavily aged with brown ink.
 Added a light here too. I didn't want it to be dark at night.
For interest I wanted a brick wall at the stairs. 
 The upstairs has one wall of pink paper with gold bows.  The rest of the wall are aged plaster.
 I love aged, moldy looking ceilings(well in a dollhouse!).

Can you picture a comfy bed and a chair here. Maybe a desk by the bumped out window?
Thanks for coming over! I may do one more non-commissioned house next. Then back to orders.  I also did a kitchen island I'll show you next time. 
Swan Lake House available at


  1. Did you listen to Swan Lake Ballet while you worked for inspiration? I like the way you use commonly found items, such as the window, that are available to all of us then add your talent and skill to create the perfect little romantic cottage with moldy ceilings. You inspire us to work harder and to try your techniques.

  2. a Very Sweet little cottage fit for a ballerina!

  3. Love it! Another beautiful cottage!

  4. Just awesomely gorgeous; not only are you creative, you are super resourceful!

  5. Your houses always have gorgeous exterior decorations. I lke very much the roof windows too.

  6. Another wonderful house I love the wallpapers. The front door is beautiful I love the house number.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Encantadora y romántica, como siempre ♥ Es una delicia ver tus casitas!

  8. Caroline this house is awesome! My favorite front door area to date!
    Someday I WILL buy one of your lovely houses :)

  9. Favolosa❤️mi piace quando usi le wallpapers with animal pronta :-)

  10. Favolosa❤️mi piace quando usi wallpapers with animal prints :-)

  11. I would like to starta dollhouse blog since i have been making minis most of my life. Blogging just became a thing recently. Now i know im good at dollhouses i would like to start a blog .yours is beautiful. I know mine wont be as good but any help and comments are welcome. Is there a blog company better than the others? Are there free ones?


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