Friday, December 10, 2021

Custom Christmas Gingerbread Bakery Dollhouse Build #2

Welcome to part 2 of the Gingerbread Bakery dollhouse build. This is a project I am making for Darby and Francesca who are loving watching the process. 

The next step is adding color and wallpaper.

First, the wood walls and the floor got a brown wash. The floor's wash had 2 coats which made it look darker than the wall. It also got a coat of varnish for a little shine.
I found 2 different wallpapers I loved for this project.. The first is the red gingham I found in the scrapbook section of the craft store(Hobby Lobby). Then looking through my stash I found the gingerbread house paper I had printed out from the internet a while back.
The look I'm going for in here is very cozy, warm , old world space. 
Under the loft, I applied a textured sheet of tin tile. This is the one you get in the miniature section of. Hobby Lobby. It is a plastic sheet you can cut to any size.
It can be painted and finished any way you like. For this project I painted it cream. 
Now, the ornate trim is the next step. This trim looked just like whipped cream! You can make these trims yourself using candy moles. 
I have also made my chandelier from 18 gauge wire, a long bead and hot glue.
And here it is painted and with little flowers applied to the center. I use a light kit from Evan Designs:
I'm finishing up the details inside. The rest of the trim, a light where a counter will be...

Also the door and window I will be using got a coat of cream paint. 
Thanks for coming by! Part 3 is coming soon!


  1. Muy interesante la forma de hacer la lámpara.

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