Monday, July 26, 2010

Marie Antoinette Secret Folie Barn Dollhouse: Update

I've been very busy lately! And my blog background vanished! I love this new one but it took me forever to take off the weird stuff that was going on! Marie's barn is moving along!

I did the ceiling like the sky with clouds. And I added a light in the chandelier. The chandelier is pretty big. So I started a smaller one. Then I tried out both and guess what... I like the big one! It looks more opulent. I did the door trim and painted it gold.

I also started on the outside. First, I painted the barn black so that when I put the boards, I could leave gaps. I carved on some stones.

Here's the other side. I'll have to wait till the roof is on to complete the chimney. It's such a puzzle figuring out what should be done first! I'm always afraid of that " oops! I forgot..." moment.
In case you think you recognize this little structure- it's Greenleaf's Annie's Lobster Shack. I just cut out a window in the roof to make a dormer and covered up the side window. I also made the other window bigger and didn't put windows in the door.

I painted a carved out design in gold for the door.
 It's just resting against the wall right now.

I think I like this color! That's my camera setting. I'll might try painting the bulb again. This time in yellow. I'll give this some thought!


  1. It looks very cool. :)

    I'm thinking it looks very opulent as well, love the ceiling and the walls and the doors and the fireplace.

    Well, I guess all of it. :)

  2. I love seeing the progress you are making. You move so fast! Beautiful and inspirational.


  3. What a fun idea to have a MA room in a barn! Love it. I like the yellow colour too, makes it look more like the glow of candle light.
    I have painted many of my bulbs with some glass paints (yellows and reds), I love the effect!

  4. It's gorgeous! I love the contrast of the beautiful inside that is so very feminine and then the rustic outside. Nice work ♥

  5. ...yes ~ it is have designed yet another fantastical delight!! ~ and I adore the BIGGER chandie too :)
    (btw~ blog looks great)
    xo, Rosemary

  6. Oh My!!! I had no idea you were making something for Marie still myheart!! I took over a Marie Antoinette Mail Art group back in April, so this is a subject very near and dear...I shall be keeping a close watch. Your work is amazing...just amazing. I am right now working on a little blinged out pink faerie house that I will share at Faerieluna in the next week or two...nothing like this, however.

    xox Rella

  7. That is so sweet! I just love the little pretty:)

  8. Love, love and may I say, Love your work, so inspiring!!!!
    Margaret B