Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Primitive Style Farmhouse with Chicken Coop

I attached the chicken coop.
Living with chicken would be different! But I'm sure many people out there are doing just that. Some of us have dogs, some of us have chicken. LOL!
I've done the wood floors as yellow pine with 2 coats of varnish for a nice shine.
I painted the house a dark pumpkin color with cream trim. The door is many layers of paints from taupe to light purple to dark purple and then varnished. It has a little pineapple in the bottom panel.  The windows are all trimmed out with popsicle sticks cut into thin strippes to make window panes.
The siding is cardboard with the top layer ripped off exposing those wonderful ridges. Under the siding I put a layer of concrete. I need to make this another indestructible dollhouse for the post office!


  1. It's great! I so love the chicken coop! =)

  2. Awesome!The chickens will be happy! :)
    Great work!

  3. Love it! I love the pumpkin color you chose and really love the screen door into the coop! (Love those little hinges too.) The little eggs in there are so cute too, and the straw in the little compartments, and the door with the front door with the pineapple! Great job, as usual. :)

  4. That is just amazing! The textures you've created are just wonderful, and the colour is just right.



  5. Genial idea el acabado de las paredes, queda de lo mas natural.
    Esa puerta con la rejilla te ha quedado fantastica (viendose en el fondo donde van a ir las gallinas.....
    Aprendo un monton cuando te visito.
    besitos ascension

  6. As usual, everything is so original. I just love this little house. It's too cute. It could be such fun to furnish and decorate. It's very special.

  7. Thank you Lucille! I've decided to redo the front door though. The purple is just not working for me. I can't wait to share more pictures.

  8. encanta esta casa tan original y bonita!!

  9. Es preciosa y me encanta ese ventanal, le da muchísima luz. Ya estoy deseando ver los avances, que serán fantásticos, como siempre :-)
    Un beso