Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's Next!

I added some vines to Susan's Shabby Chic Retreat.

Then I thought I would take a couple weeks off dollhouses.... until this idea came to me 5 minutes later!
I have this little fireplace, painting and accessories ready to go into a house. They are primitive style.
I made the fireplace from my scrap wood pile. I painted it gray and then layered with brown and red. The rusted garland with the hearts is just twisted wire painted with mustard colored paints. I painted the picture with a primitive landscape. The little red house is made of cardboard. I stacked these slices of stick and put some flowers on top. Made the cake with paper clay topped with joint compound icing. Yum! And filled the inside of the fireplace with moss, a bundle of sticks, a pumpkin, tiny pine cone and red flowers.
 I just finished this black chandelier.
And I made this little sign. This was just a piece of discarded dollhouse bit. It was pealing all by itself. Ready to go and already aged!  I could just see it had to become a sign!
For the house I'm seeing a pumpkin colored little house with a chicken coop attached to the side. I don't remember who suggested a chicken coop to me. Was it you Magoo(LimeandLace) or Rosemary (Ozmaofodds)? It's been in my head all this time. And I'm finally going to try it.


  1. Oh Caroline, your primitive fireplace is amazing! Love the twisted wire garland. That's another thing I'd like to try. =D I'm always pleasantly surprised every time you make a new post!!!

  2. You're unstoppable Caroline! The pumpkin coloured house sounds gorgeous. Judith x

  3. Que preciosas enredaderas para la puerta de la casa.
    Me encanta ese cuadro encima de la chimenea tan originalmente decorada.
    Tus lamparas siempre fantasticas.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  4. The fireplace and chandy are amazing! Susan is one lucky girl getting that house, it turned out beautifully!!!

  5. The shabby retreat is so beautiful now, a pleasure to look at.
    I love your painting very much, it fits to the fireplace perfect, also like your idea of filling the fireplace whith all that lovely stuff.
    I really can't imagine you " taking a couple weeks off ", I think there are to many idea's in your head, and they all want to get out (haha ).
    Lucky for us, so we can enjoy your lovely projects.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  6. You're so funny Mieke! I tried to stay away from the minis!
    Thanks so much for coming by and leaving me such nice comments!

  7. I'm so glad I came back another post to catch up! That little fireplace and everything you made with it is out-of-this-world ADORABLE! I had to click on the photo so it would come out bigger, I wanted to see all the details! LOVE that little twig thing with the flowers on top! You are so damn creative! Love EVERYTHING... the little things IN the fireplace, the painting, the little 'eggs' sign... Once again, you are the master!!!!!!!!!
    gv xxoo

  8. p.s. I forgot to say: the VINES on that house look fantastic! Just the thing to make it even more wonderful!

  9. Fun new project, and I LOVE the additional vines!