Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Romantic Log Cabin Custom Dollhouse

That's right I finished it!
I made the roof with cardboard with the top layer ripped off to expose the ridges. I wanted to put metal on, but the look just wasn't the same. This roof looks so much more aged and rustic. I just love it!
 I decided to put a pink bottle brush tree in there too. You can never be too early for Christmas!

 This little welcome mat is a rectangle of felt with painted dots. Very simple!

 This one is available at CinderellaMoments on Etsy.


  1. O.k. this is totally seriously wonderful! Wow! I have always been impressed with your creative generous, and I still am, only even more so! You have such a way with these houses.
    p.s. I think the pink tree is a great idea, and I adore the fireplace and Laduree sign!

  2. Oh my!!! This is so perfect, I want to live in it...please! Just so gorgeous, I love the door mat, the flowers and the little paintings it all compliments each other so well! :) x

  3. Very beautiful house, love the flowers by the door, inside is also very lovely. I bet this house is sold soon!
    * marlies

  4. You are amazing! I love it! :)

    Hey, I just made some bunting myself, cute! :)

  5. Oh Caroline,
    I love it, I really do.........
    So adorable. Love how you put the vines and flowers around the door and on the side and the door is so cute too. All ready for a pink Christmas,
    just so cute..........
    Someone is gonna have a fun time with it...that is for sure.

    You said you were going to the panhandle of Florida, that is where I grew up, in Pensacola. They have the prettiest beaches in all of Florida, or did - after that bad hurricane went thru there some years back don't know what it looks like now, but hope you have the most wonderful time while you are there hon.
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. OMGeeeeeeee!!!!! It's pure perfection! =)

  7. Tus trabajos me encantan, pero esta casa es un sueño, es fantastica!!
    Eres fuente de inspiracion para mi.
    Ojala algun dia pierda el miedo a hacer una casa.

  8. Oh, this is stunning!! I love this house

  9. Oh my goodness, when can I move in? This is so insanely darling!!! I spent a week at my brothers and my nieces, who are 6 and 10, just love tiny things! Little dolls, little furniture...anything miniature. I was so happy to realize that about them and am already dreaming about getting them a dollhouse someday when they're a bit bigger:)

  10. I love this a house, it's so beautiful!!

  11. Dear Caroline, this little cabin in the woods is a monument to your unique creative talent. The entrance is enchanting with its fairy tale door and vines. The hanging crystals and lace curtains are the essence of femininity. I love the white little polka dots detail you added to the tree stand. They permit the eye to appreciate fully the pinkness of the tree. The chandelier, as always, is striking. The pictures, cupcake, and fireplace with its little ornaments are a charm for the eye. In the realm of your imagination are many rooms and each one contains a treasure. This is one of them. I look forward to seeing what lies in wait as the next room reveals itself to us.

  12. Caroline, I can't help being surprise at your speed and ability to make dollhouses! All of your work is incredibly creative and you make all in a very short time! I really admire you, you're an inspiration:)

  13. Una casita especial, por ese fantastica tejado, esa pared tan original, esas flores en la entrada....
    Sin olvidar el interior con tantos detalles preciosos, como por ejemplo ese precioso arbol rosa, me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  14. oh my goodness, this is awesome! i think i love that pink tree a little too much :D lol. very very awesome. this is right up there with the gypsy airstream you did. LOVE IT!

  15. Que preciosisismo, es un capricho!!!!
    que dulce, que romantico, y el arbol rosa, es un lujo, todo rosa, me encanta!!!!Besitos.

  16. I am just totally in awe at how creatively beautiful my buddy is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, this is just adorable! I love everything about it -- but then, I think I say that for every new thing you do!! You are totally amazing, you are so creative and come up with all of these adorable ideas. Love the door, the doormat, the little red mushroom! And inside, I love your little hand-painted floral pictures! How sweet! And the pink tree, and the things on the mantle and the chandelier.... Geez, I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly blessed to come up with these ideas. Gorgeous job, my dear friend.
    Gloria xxoo

  17. Me he quedado encantada con tu casita!!!es maravillosa,esas flores que suben por la fachada son perfectas,la delicadeza de la decoración,los tonos.....todo me gusta,gran trabajo!!!!!

  18. Your dollhouse is beautiful! I love it!

  19. Caroline, es simplemente maravillosa, impresionante. Es absolutamente perfecta, un auténtico sueño de casita. Todo es precioso, desde los colores a las flores, desde la entrada hasta la decoración, los detalles de las ventanas. FANTÁSTICA. Felicidades por ese maravilloso trabajo.
    Un beso.

  20. Charming! Totally wonderful! Unique! Who would have thought a log cabin could be "shabbified?" : )

  21. I just love everything about this one. I always say to myself, "This is the one I'd choose," and then you make your next one, and I feel the same way! :-)