Friday, September 16, 2011

You know I couldn't stay still for long! I had this itching to make fireplaces. Apart from front doors, I have this unexplainable excitement when it comes to mantles and decorating them. I've made 2 so far.
Both are very shabby chic. With very soft colors.
I made these little cakes with paper clay as a base and then used a light weight joint compound as whipped topping. The hardest part was making the tiny bunting!
I made the fireplaces with left over wood. A simple yet elegant design. Narrow and tall like any good Victorian fireplace mantle. I did an aged paint finish by layering paint.
I also made paintings for above the mantles. I wanted a complete little diorama. This is a pink cupcake with a rose on top. I love adding the shadow to these cupcakes. They are very easy to paint. The trick is not to clean your brush between colors. It makes it look like a real oil painting.
The other fireplace has a rose and trellis painting. The trick to roses is not to mess with them too much. I load my brush with pink and cream and swash it around a bit until I see some petals and a form developing. I then add a darker center and done!
Both fireplaces available at CinderellaMoments


  1. Everything is always so soft and pretty. Love the paintings! =)

  2. I love your fireplaces, they look so cosy, and the little cakes in such tender colors, abselutely beautiful.
    Thank you for your explanation about the '' oilpainting ''. I'am going to try it.
    have a great weekend !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  3. Caroline, I love everything you have done. However, my eye was drawn to the rose trellis painting and those delicious, decadent looking cakes. Now, I'm hungry for a piece of cake with fluffy icing. But I won't have any, of course. I'll just eat a few candies. No calories. LOL!

  4. Es todo precioso¡¡¡
    Maravilloso, pero la tabla pintada es especialmente bonita, un conjunto precioso¡¡¡

  5. Oh I just love these tiny fireplaces My grandaughter would too she adores anything in minature. Ab Fab I say Well done!
    hugs Vee

  6. Wow, those cakes with the bunting!!! Why does everything in miniature look 100 times nicer then in normal size?? LOVE it!! x

  7. Thank you Lucille and Vee! I'm glad you like these! <3

    The rest of you, I'll be over to your blogs!

  8. Un fantastico trabajo ademas de muy original, me encanta.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  9. Hi Caroline,
    So glad to hear the beaches are still so pretty. We have visited up there many times but since our relatives live there we never get to go to the beach. But my Mom passed away 6 yrs.
    ago, so there is really no reason to go there anymore, unless we go there for vacation, but we usually do that about 45 minutes from here, so we don't have a long drive home from the beach. Love beach vacations tho, they are the best as far as we are concerned, so hope you have a wonderful time hon,

    Your lil cakes and painting and fireplaces are just so cute.
    Nice to get a head start for the next darling castle!!

    Have a great weekend hon,

  10. These are so fun--I love them! I just retweeted about them on Twitter a little while ago--ADORE!