Wednesday, June 22, 2011

L'Assiette de Marie Provence Stone and Stucco Cottage Custom Dollhouse

I have had this idea of making this little cottage since I first saw it in the pages of Victoria Magazine in August 1998. This is L'assiette de Marie a restaurant in St. Remy, France in the Provence area.
 This one is the real one. The first picture is my version.

I made the sunflowers from cardstock paper and I bought artificial lavender. I tried to put real lavender, but the color was not strong enough. I think the artificial one will be stronger in any case.
I made this bicycle myself with different width wire and covered with vines.

Here's the real interior.

And mine.



I made the chairs using Creer et Realiser's tutorial. But instead of using the larger toothpicks(I couldn't find them anywhere) I used popsicle sticks I cut to size with an Exacto knife.

Thanks for coming over!

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  1. unreal!!! you are sew amazing!! :D just love it, it is just gorgeous!

  2. This little shop is so darn amazing! I love your vine-covered bicycle! The whole thing is wonderful. Thank you for the link to the tutorial. My breath has been taken away by your gorgeous work.

  3. Ok, I'm taking my shrinking potion RIGHT now and coming over!!! I love the little bicyclette out front!!! Everything is amazing!

  4. Me encanta como te está quedando y esas flores son preciosas!!!!!

  5. It is outstanding Caroline! Every little detail is so perfect- once again I am wishing I could shrink down and spend some time in your dollhouse. Wonderful!!!!♥

  6. Every time you finish a project, I think that you've outdone yourself. And then, you come out with another wonder. You never cease to amaze with your unique talent. We are all the beneficiaries because of all the delightful eye candy we get out of feasting on your marvelous work. I can't thank you enough for this treat. Caroline, I prefer to look at your house rather than the real one even though it was your inspiration. Yours transports me through that door of wonder, away from reality!

  7. Thank you all for your encouraging messages. I cherish them all!
    Lucille- You always leave me such gorgeous words!
    I can't tell you all how I appreciate the time you take to let me know how you feel.
    Thank you so much!
    Big hugs all around!!!

  8. Has conseguido superar la realidad.
    Es absolutamente fantastica.
    Me encanta cada detalle.
    besitos ascension

  9. It is just perfect! I love the bicycle. Seeing your work makes me want to work on smaller projects!

  10. Tres Magnifique! OMG that is too much for words.

  11. Thank you Caroline. That is so sweet!

  12. This is unbelievably realistic! Just so AMAZING!!! It really makes me want to go to france :)

  13. Oh, Caroline, this is just so beautiful and so French! I love all French things and you have just captured all of the beauty in your little shop. Love the little bistro table set! And the bicycle outside? AMAZING! And I LOVE how you did the ceiling of the inside. You are the master of miniature houses. FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!!!!

  14. I just read your other comments... I love two of the ladies who said: you outdo yourself on every new's so TRUE! And I REALLY love the person (Victoria) who said she is taking her "shrinking potion" to be able to come into your shop! LOL! What a wonderful way to put it!! I agree!!!!! :)

  15. Your work on this piece is amazing. Thank you for sharing all the phases and the real one versus yours. Totally awesome as usual.

    xox Rella

  16. How did I miss this post???
    I adore what you did here...your little French restaurant! Every little detail is so amazing. Wow!

  17. Again and again i`m looking and admire the French Bistro - this is my favorite job of all CinderellaMoments (for today). He`s just reality!! Karoline, thank you for your talent!

    Hugs, Katy

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