Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cinderella's Fairytale Cottage Dollhouse

I finally started on the Cinderella's cottage dollhouse!
Here's the front. The turret will just be for show on this house. The cardboard tube I used for this turret is a little too small for the door(that's how I intended to use it). So I will just create a faux turret for looks only not functional.
In the attic I tried making an exposed slat plaster wall. Those are just Popsicle sticks I split and smooched into the plaster so it would ooze out all around.
This is downstairs with one coat of plaster. I also made this little fireplace with scrap wood.

I have painted 2 coats of cream color so far. I think the 3rd coat will have a soft pink tint.

This will be the downstairs ceiling. It's my special "tin" tile Victorian ceiling made by following a pattern on cardboard with hot glue. The result is a 3d tin like tile. These just need some silver for tin and rust accents.


  1. love the attic wall!!! i may have to try that!! fabulous! :D Linda x

  2. This is going to be a really cute house--I can hardly wait to see! The ceiling is great! How fun!

  3. Oh man, what a brilliant idea to make a tin tile roof using hot glue like that! I never would have thought of that, excellent tip, thanks! Yours looks really good, can't wait to see it once you do the silver finish on it. I also love the exposed lathe in the attic, great touch. :)

    - Grace

  4. Al fin! será otra cosa estupenda ---como siempre--- Espero las otras fotos ansiosamente

    Un abrazo

  5. Your works is adorable and gives me a lot of ideas and inspiration for my minis. Thanks!!!

    Love, Katy

  6. Great idea with the attic wall. It looks very effective. Looking forward to seeing that finished ceiling too. It's all looking great! Judith x

  7. I love it so far! I really love the slats and plaster wall- the ceiling in my craft room actually looks kind of like that and after redoing a couple rooms of plaster and lathe my craft room ceiling just got fabric stapled over it-lol! I can't wait to see what you do with the turret and I LOVE the different patterns you used in the ceiling!

  8. Una nueva casita?
    Seguro que disfrutare muchisimo viendo como la haces, es genial seguir el proceso y leer todas tus explicaciones.
    besitos ascension

  9. Using glue to make a tin do you think up these amazing things!!! This is going to be absolutely darling! When I saw the turret I did think of Rapunzel though:)

  10. *Swoon*
    You are amazing!
    I love your ideas, your imagination and your productivity! Do you ever sleep?
    The tile ceiling is so brilliant and I love that you are painting with a soft pink tint.
    I will check back and see how this beautiful cottage comes along.

  11. Yet another masterpiece in the making! x

  12. So ingenious the way you made your tin ceiling tiles! I just love them. They're so nostalgic. They bring me back to this house I lived in as a child. We had them in the kitchen and the bathroom.