Sunday, August 28, 2011

Frog's Cottage Custom Dollhouse

Today,  it was still interior work.

The fireplace interior got painted and all dirtied up!
Then I plastered the wall. Like frosting a cake!
I painted the walls a butter color.
Here you can see the difference in color with the yet to be painted fireplace wall.
I started aging Frog's cottage interior walls. I had to imagine what this little house looked like inside and I picture moldy walls! So after collecting and pinning moldy walls to Pinterest(I'm sure a few people were thinking"what in the world?) I started adding a brown and black thin mixture to the walls spreading it with my finger(seems to work the best).
It is really hard to capture the aging with my camera! I will add green mold tomorrow.
I painted the window trim. All the wood work will be dark in this house.
The exposed bricks still need to be painted.
I did add the huge mantle shelf.
I'm almost ready to set that fireplace wall in place.                                                                                         



  1. Caroline is getting perfect. I love the aged effect.
    The original house is beautiful.
    I'm eager to see more!

  2. Thanks a lot,I love your blog too!!
    Good work on all of those litte doll houses! Love them!

  3. Caroline, cada vez me gusta más, está quedando genial. Un trabajo de envejecido fantástico. Felicidades :-)
    Un beso.

  4. Fantastic! I do the same thing on pinterest- it's a great place to store inspiration photos :) Where did you get your pinterest badge here on your blog? I'm off to follow you over there right now!

  5. This is looking great! The frosting almost looks good enough to eat! ;-)

  6. This is Looking Fabulous Caroline!! I love to edit this house kit and can't wait to see you complete yours! ~ Tracy

  7. have been one busy girl! Love the cottages. I have some things I need to e-mail ya, but I've been extra busy with parents and my back.