Sunday, August 7, 2011

Custom Gingerbread Dollhouse

I have an update on the gingerbread dollhouse, finally! 

First, the inside. I decided to make 3 different walls. The fireplace wall has wood paneling that I finished with gloss. I made the fireplace with leftover wood and covered it in concrete, carved out the stone shapes and painted.

The front wall is plaster painted red with cream polka dots.

The wall across from the fireplace is plaster, striped in red and cream.
The wood floor has a warm walnut finish.
All the wood work is walnut stained. The front door is in place and painted with white dots and lollipops.
I put concrete all over this house even on the roof(not yet in this picture). I think the concrete is perfect for that cookie look.
I painted the whole exterior a cafe au lait color. It looked like uncooked dough. This made the perfect base color.

I used a golden brown to wash over the first coat. Then I used brown and did a lot of  blending. This is very hard to show on pictures.

All the edge are a little brown for that extra baked look.  The true color isn't showing up here.
And then I did the icing. I have no idea how this will turn out! I decided to take the pictures while it was still wet just in case it cracked when it dries.

No cracking so far. Now I have to see if it will harden enough to be able to ship. By the way, for this icing I used Dap's Fast and N' Final Lightweight spackling. I read that it is hard to sand. I figure that means that it will be tough enough to withstand a shipping trip.  I piped the top with a Ziplock bag and pastry tip. It only worked for a short time. The tip came out. So I then just piped with the corner  cut out of the Ziplock bag. It worked well.
I decorated the mantle. But there's more work to do inside!
Here's hoping the icing dries the way I need it to! I'll update you tomorrow.


  1. How's my buddy doing???!!! WOW, this is fantastic! It looks good enough to eat! ;)
    Really, this is just so adorable. The room inside is just the cutest. Love the polka dot wall and the striped wall. And that floor looks SO REAL!!!!!!!! Great job, as usual! Can't wait to see what else you do on the inside. :)

  2. It's just so darn cute!!! The inside already looks so warm and inviting. So excited to see more! =)

  3. I totally agree with Gloria! It looks good enough to eat! Too cute!!

  4. Te esta quedadno "de dulce".
    Me encanta la decoracion.
    besitos ascension

  5. Wow!!! I am so very impressed! Is there anything you can't do??? This house it totally amazing. I love that you work it out as you go and trust it will come out. Each of your choices work so very well.

  6. How exciting! I can't wait to see how the icing turns out. It is totally adorable--what a fun project!

  7. It looks great!! I hope that the icing turns out well too, you did a wonderful job!!!

    Hugs Jollie

  8. unreal!! awesome as i really want some icing :)

  9. How delightful your gingerbread house turned out! I love all of the life-sized candies attached to it. It is very realistic. I'm sure the "residents" will be thrilled.