Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back from Vacation

I'm back! I just took a trip to north Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana.
 First, we went to Watersound, Florida. It has gorgeous beaches with clear water and white sand.
Lizzie had a great time. She even ventured into the water!
These are the giant dunes there.
We stayed at a gorgeous house.

It's a gorgeous gated neighborhood with giant houses and golf cart paths all the way to the beach.
Then it was off to New Orleans for my sister's birthday.
We went on the Natchez(team paddle boat) on the Mississippi river.

That's the Domino sugar factory. It smells like brown sugar out here! It's extreme shabby!! Then it was all about the shopping through the French Quarter.

We stayed at the Ritz. They were very welcoming and were happy to serve any whim your heart desires. There was an endless buffet served all day at our private lounge area. It's hard to be back home without a chef!!
This is a plate they made my sister. She also had a jazz band, Jeremy Davenport,  play her happy birthday. She was over the moon.
We had a great time. Now I'll jump back into some minis!


  1. Caroline, all holidays come to an end, but your return means a return to the mini!!!


  2. lucky! looks like an awesome time :) its always hard to come back from vaca. welcome back and thanks for sharing your cool vaca :D

  3. Wow Caroline, that all looks so great! Where you stayed...beautiful! The trip down the river...awesome! And who doesn't love a little vacay shopping!!!

    Your Lizzie is adorable! She looked kinda unsure of the She looks how my Romeo would act. He's not a fan of the =)

    Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back in the miniworld.
    Glad to here you had such a great vacation, the pictures are lovely !!
    What a cute doggie your Lizzie is.

    Have a nice sunday.
    Hugs Mieke xxx

  5. Hi Caroline,
    Welcome home hon! Looks like you had lots of fun. That house on the beach looked great, and there really are no pretty beaches than in the panhandle.
    Love what they did for your sister.
    That is so neat that they wrote
    on the plate. Now what was the dessert. Very festive looking whatever it is..............
    We have dear friends who have a son
    named Jeremy Davenport but he isn't in a jazz band.
    So glad you had such a good time,
    and your lil doggie is adorable.

    Now get back to making those adorable lil houses!! lol
    Like the new one with the chicken coops, so cute............

    Blessings sweetie,

  6. ooooo fabulous inspiration pics :D Linda x

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to your sister! Wow, it looks like a fantastic trip! The Ritz?? Oo, la, la! Love all of your photos, great job. Such pretty places in New Orleans and that other beach house you stayed in looked gorgeous! And my favorite one of all is little Lizzie. :)
    Welcome Home! xxoo

  8. So many beautiful paintings waiting to be painted in those photos - especially those beaches!

    Hope you are well relaxed and ready to take on those minis again!

  9. Caroline bienvenida de nuevo!!!
    Me alegro de que lo hayas pasado bien, hasta Lizzie lo ha pasado bien jejeje
    Gracias por todas las fotografias, han debido ser unas vacaciones inovidables.
    besitos ascension

  10. Welcome back!
    It looks like you had a fabulous vacation. The house you stayed in looks so gorgeous and I am sure the Ritz was outstanding.
    Lizzis is so sweet!

  11. Wow! Sounds like a great (and much-deserved, I might add!) vacation, Caroline! I love the photos of the old buildings with their bright colors. Your dog is so cute too! :-)

  12. Wow! C'è un'auto in una delle foto che ha tutta l'aria di essere una Fiat 500. Vedere una piccola auto italiana a New Orleans è un vero miraggio per me! :-D
    Sto leggendo finalmente tutto il tuo blog, post dopo post! Sto trovando un sacco di divertimento!