Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shabby Streamside Studio 3

I've cut out the house for the third Streamside Studio.
I have cut out paper templates of the Streamside Studio since it's so popular.
I glue the houses together with hot glue so they instantly stick together. Then I use super wood glue to get a really good bond.
I'm now cutting out the wainscoting for the outside. I already received the posts and bracket from 
They have super fast shipping and upgraded my shipping option for free. : ) 
I went to the State Fair of Texas yesterday. Very yummy stuff to eat there! All fried of course!!
It was suppose to rain and cooler. It was gorgeous and sunny and hot. I wonder how the weather people constantly get everything wrong. Thank goodness we didn't cancel our plans.

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  1. Tu nuevo proyecto sera fantastico como todas tus casitas.
    Me alegro de que disfrutases de un buen dia y que comieses "fritos" jejeje
    besitos ascension