Monday, July 6, 2015

Danielle's Maison de Campagne Custom French Style Dollhouse

My latest commission is for Wilma and her daughter Danielle. They chose the Maison de Campagne but with a more girly interior.
 I also wrote the book to build this house. It should be available soon.
 The wires, batteries and switches are in the chimneys.
 I used concrete on the exterior. This is premixed stuff that comes in a little tub so you don't have to deal with concrete dust. It's by Dap.

 Inside it's very romantic and very shabby chic.

 I made most of the furnishings.

 I think this is the coziest shot!

 My vintage stove which you can build with this tutorial:

 I did another working fireplace. A lot of links to materials is on my Resources page at the top.  If you don't see something I used just ask me. I'll be glad to tell you where I got it! :)

I did write a book on building these doors. The link is on my sidebar to the right. Or you can get the PDF in my Etsy shop.
Thank you so much for coming over!


  1. Caroline...l love visiting here and being immersed in your amazing miniature world....your attention to detail is incredible.

  2. Gorgeous, Caroline! I adore the curtain around the tub--so girly and pretty. And your vintage stoves are to die for! The bedroom is perfectly cozy and girly--I'm in love with it! xo Jennifer

  3. Gorgeous house it is so pretty. I fall in love with each one of your houses I don't know how you part with them :))))
    Hugs Maria

  4. This new decoration is so beautiful. I love the bedroom, it is pink as I love and so girly! The tiny frame with the butterflies is amazing! I love the kitchen too...I love everything you make! ;)
    Have a beautiful week, Caroline! Big hugs from me and my fine team.

  5. Encantadora! como todas tus casitas. Es un placer contemplarlas! :)
    Un beso!

  6. Hi, Caroline! I love The french double door! Incantevole! sono interessata all'uscita dei tuoi libri. :-)

  7. how beautiful it is! very sweet and romantic ... I love the set of all rooms. as always, impressive, Caroline, congratulations on your creations.
    A big hugs ;0)

  8. That house is amazing! You are very skilful! Your style is warm and inspiring <3 !
    Kind regards.

  9. Hi Caroline,
    A most charming cottage. I wonder just how much it must weigh?
    The doors are brilliant! And perfectly appropriate.
    Lucky new owners.
    Regards Janine


  10. I would love to move in immediately in your little house .
    It has become enchanting

    LG Alexandra

  11. una casita preciosa , me encanta la mezcla de colores tan dulce con ese toque deteriorado ,pero con encanto , un gran trabajo



  12. I am always happy about your beautiful houses. They are so adorable. Hugs, Lotti

  13. De nuevo he quedado boquiabierta con tanta belleza en otra de tus casas!!!! Me encanta el tejado con las buhardillas tan puntiagudas,y el suelo de piedra de la entrada es maravilloso!! me gusta tanto como decoras los siempre un derroche de buen gusto!!

  14. That dollhouse is gorgeous, it has so many details. I adore the bedroom, I would love to have the same in human size ;)

  15. La casa, la decoración y esa puerta de entrada son una maravilla.

  16. Such a lovely build, your style is always classic, I know the new owners will love there abode!

  17. Absolutely fabulous work Caroline....
    All the best

  18. Hi Caroline,
    All I can say is Danielle is one lucky young lady! The house is usual!
    I will have to check out your vintage stove tutorial, as Beckett and Maureen may be moving soon, (Shhhh...that's a secret. lol) and may be in need of a new "old" stove. Still trying to unpack all the houses and treasures from the house remodeling. Big job.
    Happy Summer to you,

  19. Oh it's adorable! I love the pink glow of the fireplace and the way you handled the stairs. And the ruffled shower curtain. So cute!!!

  20. Oh my goodness, is that a tiny dollhouse inside a dollhouse in the little bedroom??? That is so adorable! The working fireplace is amazing! I'm sure the buyer is going to be beyond thrilled with her little house!

  21. It's just simply gorgeous! The front doors are fantastic! Love the little stove too.

    Sarah :)

  22. Whole house is amazing. I love your style. And way that you fish your works. The details are fantastic.

  23. I really love your French style houses. They make me dream. Your door is just perfect, either seen from the outside or from the inside.

  24. Luv the front doors on this one. Your houses always look so genuinely lived in. I think that's what I adore about them. They just have so much character. Beautiful. Keep up the good work. ; )

  25. Guau Caroline, es absolutamente maravillosa.
    Me gusta todo pero el salón comedor me encanta, con esa combinación de colores tan bonita que has creado, y la puerta es impresionante.
    No sé por qué no se me actualizan tus entradas hasta pasados unos días.
    Un abrazo.

  26. I do so love your work - one could move straight into any of the cottages. Simply enchanting!

  27. It's a wonderful house with many details. I really like the furniture and accessories.

  28. Wonderful work!!! Congratulations. Happy Summer. a hug, Marisa

  29. Gorgeous! I thought to myself, this looks like a french home, before I even read your title! Love the green and dark brown color scheme of the first floor. It's modern but still super cozy, since the brown is from stained wood. The double front doors are stunning! I also love the little details such as the tiny dollhouse in the bedroom and the butterfly specimens at the base of the stairs. Very nice, as always!