Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dollhouse Cutting Tools I Use

I'm often asked what I use to cut out my dollhouses.To tell you the truth I have not found that perfect saw. If you are a saw manufacturer out there and you think you have the perfect compact tool to work on dollhouses contact me. I'd love to share your product with my readers. Until that happens let me tell you what I use.

They are very simple tools actually. My favorite thing to use is box cutters.  Along with a metal ruler they do an excellent job with precise, clean cuts. If the wood is a little thick I cut both front and back sides. It usually works.
But when the wood is way too thick and too hard it requires a power tool. A few years back I bought a Dremel Trio. Come to find out it's been discontinued!  The good thing about the Dremel is that it's pretty compact(compared to most saws and routers). The bad thing is that the cuts are pretty ugly!  After I cut out windows and doors I have to sand each side straight. And don't forget earplugs or your ears will be ringing for hours. 
Before the Trio I had tried several rotary tools like the Back and Decker and Dremel with saw attachments. But the saw blades burn out. And I must admit it's a little scary to have that little spinning wheel of sharpness ready to take off digits with any false move. 
Maybe a scroll saw? I'm not sure. If any of you have experience with a scroll saw leave a message after this post. I'd love to hear your opinions. At this point I've decided to stop wasting money on useless tools that don't work for dollhouse purposes and keep piling up in my workspace. But I'll keep looking. If that perfect cutting tool should ever fall into my hands I will most definitely share it with all of you. 
Good luck and be careful out there!


  1. Love your dollhouses! The details are amazing! I check for new posts all the time can't wait for the next one

  2. Beieve me, you need a scroll saw. Mine is 40 years old and has more than earned it's way.

  3. Hi, Caroline!
    I still have not used thick woods, so that I have not needed as specific tools for it, a cutter is my cutter times. use a little polishing dremel, dremel is not, if not, another mark, it only cost me $ 4! Sorry I can not help you, but if I find a solution, of course, mte'll let you know!
    Big hugs!

  4. I'm quite impressed that you're able to make your dollshouses using a dremel tool :D You must invest in a good scroll saw, I would imagine sanding down those edges kills the joy of it all. I remember sanding down a few windows after drilling and hand sawing them out..awful! Hoping someone on here can suggest a great one for you! :)

  5. Yo nunca he utilizado la dremel para cortar. Lo probare algun día. Utilizo una segueta para pequeños cortes o madera fina y una sierra de cala si el mas gruesa.

  6. Cheers Caroline! I use a scroll saw for all my major cuts. I use a dremel for smaller cuts. I tried a hand held jigsaw and it was too loud and powerful for me. It frightened me. I luv my dremel, but it takes time to cut with this tool. For major cutting, like cutting out an entire dollhouse
    Pattern, the scroll saw is the way to go. But it still comes down to personal preference. Because u r right on about the fear of accidentally cutting off a finger! Lol


    I am kinda loving this right now. However replacement blades are tricky. I have only found them at Harbor Freight

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