Friday, July 17, 2015

Easy Peasy Dollhouse Stained Glass Windows Tutorial

Stained glass is a fabulous way to give your dollhouse a vintage look. And it's super easy to do too.

I used very simple materials:  1/16" thick bass wood, metallic marker color of your choice, black ultra fine point permanent marker, Aleene's Tacky Glue(really any white glue works. Even ModPodge works!), acrylic paint color of your choice, a small paintbrush. And if you need clear plastic for your window you can use transparent copier sheets or you can find clear plastic sheets at the craft stores. If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby check the stained glass making area. 
First, you will need a pattern. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.  Draw your pattern onto paper and place your piece of transparent sheet over it. Make sure you leave a 1/8" perimeter to affix the frame. Trace pattern on the clear sheet with the black ultra fine point permanent marker.  If you don't have a fine marker your pencil will work too. It will be just a little harder to see the design.
Trace over the black marker lines with your metallic marker.
For the spaces you want clear just apply the glue with a paint brush in between your metallic lines. Apply 2 or 3 coats if you want more of a waterglass effect.
For the colored areas mix a little dab of paint in with the glue before you apply it on the plastic film. A 50/50 ratio.  Brush it on in desired areas.
Now the frames can be done 2 ways. Either as a solid frame by cutting out the interior or by having each of the four sides cut individually.  My solid frames are 1 1/8" x 1" with a 1/8" wide perimeter.  My other frame is also 1/8" wide and all the sides are 1 1/4" long.  I cut these out of 1/16" bass wood with a small box cutter.  You will need a front and a back frame if you plan to hang these in a window.
Paint the frames. I used a single coat of white acrylic paint to look more vintage/old.
Glue the frames on both sides of the plastic film with all purpose white glue.  Let dry.  You may want to add a thin piece of 26 gauge wire to hang the window. String also works.  Just drill 2 little holes with a pin at the top of the frame. Place a dot of glue on each end of the wire and stick in the hole. Let dry.
 That's it! Now you have a gorgeous little piece of art for your dollhouse! 


  1. Oh my gosh Caroline, this genius! I'm definitely going to make one for my tiny house...pinning right now:)

  2. So cute! Thanks for the instructions! This absolutely goes to my must-try list.

  3. Nice idea Caroline! your stained Glass windows is cute!

  4. Thanks Caroline for the wonderful tutorial. Your stained glass is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Me encantan los vitrales. Gracias por el tutorial, parece fácil.

  6. Oh that's very cute! I may have to try that. You can also use alcohol inks on plastic if you want it more transparent. Good job Caroline!

  7. Thanks for the great tutorial. It is beatiful for my fleat market.

    LG Alexandra

  8. Vintage y muy romántico, me encanta!
    Un beso! :)

  9. Great tutorial, Carolyn. I will remember it when I decide how to finish one of the 3 round windows in the Blue Farm House. Cute, as always.

  10. Love your awesome weeny window and your tutorial makes it sound so doable:-)

  11. Your stained glass windows look great, I can't wait to try this!

  12. Thanks for this great tutorial.

  13. Beautiful work! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, Caroline! xo Jennifer

  14. The result is fantastic.