Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Christmas Window Custom Dollhouse

The Christmas Window dollhouse is finished.  Kellie I hope this is all you dreamed it would be.
This house reminds me of a snowstorm because of the colors. Grey skies, snow and a cozy fire inside of course!
The exterior is all done with plaster.  The links for the products I use are on my resources page.  The snow is a product called Snow-Tex. It's the best I've found. It stays in place and dries hard.
Found a photo of a bike in a window on Pinterest for my display window inspiration. You know how I love little bikes!
The fireplace is done with premixed concrete.
The twigs are from a Crepe Myrtle. They are pretty pliable.
I made the icicles with hot glue. Just pumped out a little hot glue stick with a tail on my glass cutting board. The glue stays crystal clear and easily detaches from the glass. You could use any glass surface or even a plate. Anything smooth and cold.
Let's step in out of the cold!
This house is furnished.
 A cozy, toasty living room. I made the chair, rug, chandelier and decorations.
 The white garland on the fireplace is a green holly garland I dipped it cream paint and glitter.
 My youngest sister made all the Christmas balls. They turned out fantastic and so real looking. She used beads, paint, and glitter. The mirror frame is by Shabby Chic Treasures are Hobby Lobby. I used a mirror paper from the scrapbook section.
 I found the lights for the tree where I buy all the battery operated lights:  I used the 12 light string on this Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby.

 The plaster looking frames are from Melissa Frances.
 The Santas in the tree and on the mantel are from Hobby Lobby in their tiny Christmas tree decorations (1:1 section).

The snow in my tree is actually pompoms from a pompom yarn.
 I got both my ladders and the work table from ebay. I made the stool.

 The wood box with the wrapping paper was a tool box that came with the metal hammer, plyers, scissors(Hobby Lobby).  I just painted it and rolled up some pretty paper to put in.

Up the steps!
 The little chair is a regular chair from Hobby Lobby I covered up with lace trim and cushion. On top I put a tray of Christmas ornaments.

 You can make this bed from scratch I have a tutorial here:
 I made the table, added a rose embellishment, paint, aged it with ink pads.

 There is a bench tutorial here:
 I made the trumeau mirror. I have no idea where I got the angel. It was just in my collection waiting for the right project. The teal frame was from Michael's. But that was a long time ago.
Does this put you in a Christmas mood?
I hope this gives you a little inspiration for your Christmas dollhouse décor.  Thank you so much for visiting.


  1. its so cute even though we are miles from Christmas I love every little detail. I miss working on mini's but life has gotten in the way..I plan on making my Halloween house so I better get started on it now. be prepared for the Haddenfield cause it's coming! :)


  2. Each time I see a new house project from you, I tell myself" this is My NEW FAVOURITE, and Caroline- THIS ONE IS!
    I LOVE Everything about it both inside and out! I think that the subtle colors you've incorporated and the shabby chic atmosphere is Festive and Very Stylish and speaks of CHRISTMAS in such a charming and Oh So Elegant way- ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL WORK!

  3. How wonderful!!! When I look at the exterior of the house I can feel the cold and the atmosphere of winter. The inside is very cosy with gorgeous decorations.

  4. A perfect Christmas house. Love the many details!

  5. I love this little house! So pretty.

  6. OH Caroline! I love Christmas,but not red and green! I am delighted to see your version is snowy white! I will be trying a few of your tricks for sure! The swags are awesome!
    Wish I could just sit and watch you work! Your so very talented. As always thank you for sharing:)

  7. Es absolutamente adorable, me encanta !!!!!

  8. Es diferente a las alegres casas llenas de flores y plantas, pero tiene el encanto especial de la navidad. El interior muy acogedor . Me encanta la cama.

  9. Wow I love this Christmas house. The main tree is amazing so many wonderful details. The outside is as gorgeous as inside. Love your work.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Just amazing what you put together. Love to see your creations!

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