Thursday, February 7, 2019

Santa Fe Adobe Style 1/6 Blythe House

My next commission is for Christine. She ordered a 1/6 scale Santa Fe style adobe house for her 10"doll. This house will be about 24 3/4" across x 19 3/4" deep x 22 3/4" tall.

Having never made  this style before, I thought it would be a great project to share with you.

To start I need a plan. Just a rough sketch of what I plan to do.
Then I gather materials. My base wood will be tempered hardboard.  It's warp proof for a dollhouse project. But if you are building a dollhouse for yourself you are not limited to a certain wood since you will not be shipping it.

I'll need lots of plaster for this project.
 The beginning structure is very simple. Front wall, 2 side walls (going at an up angle towards the back and a floor that I have glued 1" off the ground.

 I've got the door and windows off to the side to leave room for a corner fireplace. The floor tiles are wood pieces already cut up I bought at Hobby Lobby.
And here is the start of that corner fireplace.  We decided to use Styrofoam.  This is a ball and a flat edge wreath. There is one coat of plaster on so far here.
Now we need to glue on the roof to put the fireplace in place.
The blue stick is a straw. It's keeping an opening for wires later.
The top long flute part is a Styrofoam cone.  Everything is covered in plaster. This will take a few layers of plaster.  Make sure you let each layer dry completely.  Also put a straw or dowel in your firebox if you intend to put lights inside to look like a fire.  It will make it easier to wire later.
 We added the mantel made of a Styrofoam flat wreath ring and coated the whole thing with concrete for added firmness.
Also carved the stones at the bottom.
Another coat of plaster.
 We're using larger birch siding planks on the ceiling.
 The door is weathered grey tinted under with a chippy aqua latex paint on top.
And I made 3 decorative tiles for the mantel.  I topped them with a glob of glossy ModPodge and they look surprisingly like real tiles!
Thanks for stopping by!

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