Friday, February 22, 2019

Swan Ridge Dollhouse

For my next project, I designed a brand new custom dollhouse for Barbara. This is Swan Ridge.
First thing the woodfloors are glued in place. The stairs are not in place yet. I just put them there to look at the design of the floorplan. These are the larger Popsicle sticks for a more country cottage look.
This house has a double door/French door as the entry.  I got them from I wanted to center the stairs on the entry. 
Now all the plaster has been done, the floor painted. The front wall and fireplace wall has large board panel siding.  The mantel is not glued in yet.  I still need to put the fire element in and age it.
This is the kitchen above. The beams are in pl;ace on the ceiling. They are made with regular size Popsicle sticks.  One window has trim.  I will put a sink under it.
The wall behind the steps is lavender. The kitchen wallpaper has lavender and pink in it. The upstairs bedroom paper has pink. This way the whole house relates in colors.

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