Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Santa FeStyle Adobe 1/6Scale Custom Blythe Dollhouse Finished

It was a first, an adobe style dollhouse.  It's all finished and ready for Christine's little friend to move in!
 This scale is Barbie like scale for a doll 10"-12".
 It measures 25" across x 20 1/2" deep x 23 1/4" tall.  The interior is 15 1/2" deep x 24" wide.
 Everything is a mix of plaster and concrete layers. 

 I bought all the greenery at Hobby Lobby. It's just 1:1 size. It happens to work perfectly for this house.
 The peppers too are from Hobby Lobby. We just aged them a little because they were way too bright.
 I made the lantern because I couldn't' find any out there.  But it turned out to be very easy. 

 Inside is very traditional.  The floor is wood pieces painted and glossed to look like tile.
 I found this little ball of twine at Hobby Lobby near the grapevine wreaths.  Stuck a light inside and it's a perfectly rustic light fixture.

 I had bought this door online. I think from miniatures.com. It has been waiting for the perfect project.

In the chimney,  I put all my batteries and push switches for the lights and fire.
For the next commission it's back to 1/12 scale.
Thanks for coming over!


  1. Wonderful, love the details, colors and size! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! me encantas el estilo,le has dado sentimiento a esa casita,te ha quedado preciosa!!!!

  3. You managed to create a perfect Santa Fe style. Great plants too.

  4. Beautiful house I love the plants around the house. The door is wonderful just perfect for this house. Great find for the light.
    Hugs Maria

  5. The house turned out beautiful! An unusual theme but you managed to interpret it in a way that does justice to your usual style. Well done.

  6. Es diferente al resto que te he visto pero es igual de bonita.

  7. When this popped up on Pinterest, I thought...wow that's a first! I adore your work-and this is fantastic!

  8. A very special structure. Very beautiful!

  9. Es preciosa !!!!
    Me encanta este estilo.

  10. What a realistic one ! I love it and your ceilings lamps always catch my eye !!!!
    Amazing ...