Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Santa Fe Style Adobe Blythe 1/6 Dollhouse #2

A little update on the Santa Fe style house for 1/6 scale dolls.
 Since the last post everything got painted. The ceiling beams are still not in place.

 The Terra Cotta tiles are actually wood pieces painted the orange/brown/reddish color and glossed. Here's the link to them:
 I think the roof overhang will have to be trimmed back a bit. We will see once I get those outside beams in place.
Decided to cut it off!   And added a ornamental piece on top instead and the logs coming straight out of the wall like a trellis.
I also made an old lantern out of wood and cardboard.
And inside the beams and twine light fixture in place. 


  1. It is very interesting to observe the process of creating a home! The house is great!

  2. Great progress! I love the door.

  3. Está quedando preciosa. Me encanta la lámpara de hilo.

  4. Me encanta como está quedando !!!!

  5. Love the floor tiles they look so real.The light shade is beautiful. Can't wait to see more.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Really very nice, I like the colours and I love the old latern !

  7. Thanks for again taking us along on the journey, Caroline. I love your amendments to the front and can't wait to see it as you continue to work your own special brand of magic!

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