Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Custom Dollhouse Part 2

Next, I did the front door.   I was gifted this door by miniatures.com.  It's a Dutch door. You can find it here: https://www.miniatures.com/Crossbuck-Dutch-Door-P17508.aspx
It's the perfect design for an old fairytale style cottage.
I didn't have to do much to this door. It already had plenty of character. So I painted it brown. I used acrylics and I did an uneven paint job to look like old wood. I finished with a coat of gloss.
I made the doorknobs with beads painted with white nail polish. And glued the door in place.
The interior is all done. All the trims are in place. The handmade chandeliers are wired in and the mantel also.
I did the ceiling here as a tin ceiling using hot glue.  Then put the chandelier in place.
I did a darker mantel that matches the door.   Everything is aged with brown inks and even white paint.
Upstairs, also has a wired chandelier and the 2nd half of the roof is now glued on.
 There is a spiral staircase in this house.  I have it drying inside the turret in the photo above. Perfect place to keep it safe while the delicate stairs dry.  I got the tutorial for these stairs from http://pequeneces-maragverdugo.blogspot.com/p/diy-victorian-spiral-stairs.html#.XRo8q-hKjIX
The turret is a paper macher wine box  I cut in half, plastered and painted.
After I let the stairs dry overnight, I painted them the same dark brown as the door and mantel.Glued them in the correct position inside the turret and glued the turret to the house.
Next, the exterior finishes.


  1. The interior is amazing. I really like the stairs.

  2. Preciosa. Me encanta la escalera de caracol y como la has colocado !!!

  3. Con tu sello inconfundible... me encanta! ♥