Friday, July 26, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Part 6 Finished Dollhouse

Lost in a Fairytale Dollhouse is finished and furnished.
 Can you imagine walking through a forest an finding this cottage at the end of a path. 
 The exterior is covered by concrete and plaster with pine shingles. 

 The aging is done with brown ink pads. You can use the ink pads themselves directly on the house or you can use paintbrushes. 
 You can find the links for the greenery,  flowers, concrete, plaster etc... on my resources page above.
 I worked with and one of the items I got from them was this trim piece.  It's a little extra detail that really adds so much character to this part of the wall.  Here is where you can get this trim:
 This cute door also came from  Here's the link for it:

 The straw roof is coconut liners you use in hanging plant baskets. It's easy to cut and much less messy than coconut fibers.

 I think this door really gives so much charm to the entry. It's straight out of a storybook. 
 The fantastic corbel brackets on either side of the door came from  Here's the link for those: Painting them brown gave them a totally different look.  It made the doorway look very cozy and complete. 
 Here's the pot from the previous post's tutorial  The little pots are from miniatures.com

 The interior is furnished. I made a lot of the furniture from scratch.
 I decided to do the kitchen's ceiling a little different. I used hot glue on cardboard to make this tin ceiling.
 This house has larger floor boards. I think it looks more rustic. These are the jumbo Popsicle sticks.
 On the kitchen wall those horizontal boards are birch siding. 

 The white beadboard is ridged cardboard from the scrapbook area of your local craft store.

 I use hairspray to hold my curtains in the exact way I want them.  It holds the pleats and folds and also makes the curtains hang properly like they would in real life.
 You can see the twirly spiral stairs.  They are painted brown.  And also the chair from my tutorial here:
This chair was a gift from and you can buy it here:
 I also have a tutorial for this little bench here:
 I make the houses out of air dry clay.  The rug is canvas painted with acrylic paints.

I hope you had a good time following the series of building this cottage.  If you would like more info on building a house like this my PDF will help. You can find it here: or here
Happy creating!


  1. Oh my gosh! Your houses are so enchanting! And thanks for always explaining your processes! ��

  2. very interested indeed did you make the furniture to like they are very old

  3. This is the sweetest little cottage I have ever seen!!! How nice of you to share all of this information on how you made everything! I just started doing miniatures this past winter, and am such a novice at all of this!! I really appreciate your willingness to share. What a clever and creative person you are! Thank you. Your newest follower. Debbie xo

  4. Totalmente de acuerdo. Es una casa sacada de un bonito cuento!!!!

  5. Gorgeous cottage. I love the roses at the window and the door is stunning. Wow the plant pots look amazing. Thank you for sharing so much of your fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Absolutamente maravillosa, si encontrara una casa como ésta al final del camino, no me iría nunca de ella.
    Bravo !!!

  7. Absolutely delightful the inside as well as the outside.

  8. Es una casa fantástica, de cuento total, me gusta tanto por fuera como por dentro y no puedo imaginar que sentiría si en un paseo por el campo me encontrara con una casita como esta, seria maravillosos.
    Felicidades por tan dulce casa y gracias por dejarme disfrutarla
    Un abrazo

  9. You are totally amazing...when I don't have enough amazement in my life, I come to your website...and just perfect quiet time. Thank you