Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Part 5 Garden Pots

Garden pots are a great way to bring instant realness to a dollhouse. It's one of those little details that looks so delightful!
You can get a great variety of pots online.  There are real Terracotta pots or plastic.
I was gifted some plastic ones by Miniatures.com
They contacted me wanting to be part of a build. And generously gifted me with a few pieces I needed for this project.
I love these Seven Assorted Fancy Planters. You can find them here: https://www.miniatures.com/Seven-Assorted-Fancy-Planters-P25036.aspx
First, there are 7 of them plus a saucer. They are the right color to start with and the detail is adorable.
To give them an aged look with character these are the things you'll need: Acrylic paints(red,brown,yellow,white) and brown stamp ink.
 Mix red and brown and yellow paint to get more of that Terracotta color.  I mix the paints on the pot not in a separate dish. This way I can get more of a brown shading in areas of shadows and lighter colors in areas of highlight.  Let dry.
 My favorite look for a pot is that powdery mildew. All I use is white paint to achieve this.  You want to load some white paint onto a dry brush and lightly drag the brush around the pot until you have the amount desired. Let dry.
Now the character part. You guessed it. It's my favorite and easiest method with a brown ink pad.  If you want to get into tiny areas use a brush. 
 For the next step, you will want to have everything ready.  You need your hot glue gun and hot glue, coffee grounds(new), and your greenery. These are called Green Baby's Breath Garland from Hobby Lobby: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Floral-Wedding/Bushes-Garlands/Garlands/Green-Baby's-Breath-Garland/p/8668 I cut them up into little dollhouse size pieces.
 All at once you are going to fill up the pot to the top with hot glue, flip your top over into the coffee grounds pressing it in a bit to make sure the coffee grounds are stuck on all the hot glue. Flip it back over and make sure you don't have any spots missing coffee.  And stick in your little "branches".  You do have a couple of minutes to do this. Since there is so much hot glue in the pot it takes a while to cool and solidify.
 To add a little more cuteness I brushed a little white glue at the bottom and dipped that into the coffee grounds.  Now you have some dirt stuck to the bottom of your pot!
You can add flowers if you want.  I made these roses out of tissue paper.  At the top you can see I glued the roses onto the ends of the branches. But you can also glue moss on top of the pot or just glue your flowers directly on the dried hot glue in the pot.
Quick and painless right?  Have fun creating!


  1. Las macetas son muy bonitas y el envejecido perfecto !!!!!
    Gracias por los enlaces.

  2. Beautiful! I have the same pots and now you gave me this great idea to paint them! Thank you!