Friday, March 11, 2011

The Kotton Kandy Kit Dollhouse: Gone New Orleans Style!

Today, I put the upstaris floor in. It's pine popsicle sticks. I want a very rustic look, so I made sure to have plenty of cracks and missing pieces. I'm not sure what color it will be yet. I love the natural pine. I have to see if I can make it work with the dark downstairs floor.

I also painted the porch stones.
The posts are also painted and ready to go.
The porch will get a coat of antiquing and some moss between the stones.


  1. Awesome! Love the porch 'stones'. Good job! Those cracks in the top floor boards, reminded me of my nanna's house, when we were kids. We would always find lost pennys and threepence in the cracks of her old floorboards, and under the edges of the linolium where it was lifting. Nice memories! (I think she must have put the coins there for us to I'm sure no one can drop and lose that many all the time!)

  2. Your porch stones look so realistic. I love the mix of colours you used on them.

  3. Que realismo en ese suelo del porche, es absolutamente genial.
    besitos ascension