Monday, March 14, 2011

The Kotton Kandy Kit Dollhouse: Gone New Orleans Style!

I finished off the floor with a little color. Not as dark as the downstairs though. And a coat of gloss finish.
I continued with the torn wallpaper idea in the attic. It is only on this one wall. The paper is a robin egg blue with beautiful pink roses.
I also put the front porch on. I want the top of the porch roof to be some sort of metal look. Maybe a dark weathered bronze or copper.
I'm now painting the underside of the roof(the attic walls). It is a blue with a coat of green on top, antiqued. Will post more!


  1. what a wonderful, magical little place!

  2. Oh lucky Deborah! And how cute to make it a mouse house!!!

  3. how wonderful!! I had a peek at the mouse and she is adorable too. Does Deborah have a blog?? I'd love to see how she decorates this sweet little house for her mouse :)

  4. How will I contain myself? ;)

    I better start dumping out piggie banks - and searching in wishing fountains.... ;) Oh wait, wishing fountains are off limits ;)