Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Melphie Designed Customized Dollhouse: The Rickety Rathole

Melphie designed this and is allowing me to sell it on my Etsy Shop!
This was made by Melphie and it is called The Rickety Rathole.


 Broken windows are a must for a spooky house!

The fireplace is a custom, hand made piece. 

 This would be perfect as a centerpiece Halloween decoration. Add some Halloween lights and you're in business!
Available at CinderellaMoments


  1. Such a cute little house and you are right it would make a great Halloween Centerpiece. She did a wonderful job in making her little house. Have a great weekend Your Missouri Friend.

  2. this is a great piece. I also love the chair on your previous post. hope you are having a grand weekend! verbena cottage

  3. WHat a Hautingly Boo-tiful place!

  4. Wonderful spooky house! Melphie did a great job. I like how she added the spiders and the broken windows. And I am so happy that I found your blog! I just became a Follower. I so pleased with my purchase from your Etsy shop, as you know. I will be doing a post with pics soon. You are a gifted person!