Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Swap With Ines

Ines of Liliput Things asked me to do a swap.
I've never done one before and I had no idea how these things go. She said just a couple of things to exchange. When I opened her package it contained 4 gorgeous gift boxes.
With a sweet little note and some pink fabric that will surely turn into a rug at some point down the road!
I was shocked when I opened the boxes. They were all full of precious little treasures.
A little tray with a precious yellow flower wrapped with burlap, a book with real illustrations inside and a gorgeous framed print.
two shabby chic gift bags and two shabby chic prints.
A jointed teddy bear, two print pillows and a fabric storage basket.
Three bird houses and a beautiful dry flower arrangement in a pot.
Now I feel bad! I sent her 3 things!! A rose painting, a rose bouquet and window box with roses and moss. I went for a rose theme.
When she said a couple of things I thought she meant 2 or 3. She spoiled me so much I feel like it's Christmas! Thank you so much Ines. You are truly a sweetheart. And all your gifts are amazing and gorgeous. Thank you Ines! :)


  1. Oh...Cuteness!!! It took me a minute to realize they're miniature! I'm sure she will be MORE than thrilled with her treasures from you so I definitely wouldn't feel bad:)

  2. Que encantadores obsequios, las casitas de pajaros especialmente.
    Un abrazo

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh!!! que preciosidad !!! Besos

  4. Enhorabuena, es un precioso regalo de intercambio.
    Seguro que a ella tambien le gustaron tus regalitos
    besitos ascension

  5. Morning Caroline
    What wonderful tiny treasures, they are all so adorable, and bet your mind is whirling with what you are gonna do with them. I am sure she is probably just as thrilled with what you sent her as well. Looking forward to what you will do with them, cause know that creative genius in you, will come up with some really neat ideas.
    Thanks so much for coming by and for the your sweet expressions of love. Your a sweetie and a blessing to me as well hon,

    Hope you have a great day and weekend and 4th of

    Blessings, Nellie

  6. Not surprised it felt like Christmas! The gift boxes are beautiful and their contents even more so. Can't wait to see where you put them all.
    Judith x

  7. What a wonderful swap! Your presents are so sweet! Congratulations!

  8. Oh such sweet little gifts!
    I am sure what you sent her is gorgeous. It is sometimes hard to know what to expect in a swap. Often times people will add lots of extras.
    The little birdie houses are so cute!