Thursday, January 29, 2009


I love making cottage houses. I make all sorts of designs from different periods.
I've made quite a few churches as well. They usually turn out pretty big!

This church is like the ones you find in little English villages. It's very cozy. It's the first church I ever did.

The church is covered with broken pieces of terra cotta and moss. The roof is long pieces of bark.

This church is very much an American church. It has two different styles of siding. I made the cross myself.

I cut the leaves out of paper I've dyed myself. Then I glue each one on.

This church is Mexico inspired. It has terra cotta pieces, moss, and pine cone for roof tiles. It is very large and I use it to hold a nativity scene at Christmas.

This is the smallest church I've done. This is the one available on etsy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Painted Panels

This set is available at my etsy shop. They are very regal in style. The colors are very deep and would warm up any room.

I used gold to accent the details. They have a very French Provincial look.

These below are also available on .

Below are a set of panels I created for a client to match a box she had bought. All the panels I do are 49" x 24".

Painted Panels

These are 2 panels with a primitive style village. Each panel measures 49" long x 24"wide x 1/2" deep. Together they weigh 40 lbs. They are very large but they make a great statement in a room.

Everything is freehand on these. I don't use any stencils.
I also paint furniture. This console used to be an aquarium stand! The chair seen partially, is another project of mine.
Here are the panels in their final home.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Country Home

Upclose view of the front porch. The shutters are dark navy with antiquing glaze and a heart cut out detail.
The flag is handpainted fabric. Hanging to the left is a little angel with the word WELCOME above.

Here is the welcome mat, some of the 7 pots(handmade) and the mailbox with a couple of letters. The front door has adoor knob and a kick plate.

Upclose view of second story windows.

Country Home

The Country Home is done! It's available at for $50 (+$10 S&H).

This is the side view across the front porch.

What country home is complete without an old rusty metal front porch roof?

I used 3 different types of siding : board, shingle and scalloped.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The country home is almost done. I hope to have it all finished by this weekend. Then I'll post it on my etsy shop. And I'll post more of the detailed photos on this blog.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sneak Peek!

Here's a look at the new house I'm working on. The roof is not done yet. The color is a kaki that's more brown than green. It looks very warm and inviting .

That's a close up of the front door with welcome mat.

I still have a lot of details to finish!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Country Home

I am working on the next house. It is called "The Country Home." It will be available on my etsy shop. It will be in brown colors. Kaki and caramel.
Above is a picture of the windows, doors, shutters and pots. The shutters are deep navy blue with a heart cutout. The windows have a red and cream "stained glass" detail.
This is how all my houses start. just an idea on paper! It's going to be cute. Check back for the result!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Love Making Cakes!!!

This one was for New Years. The mistletoe is made out of marzipan. It's very sticky to work with, but so worth it when you taste it! For the cream, I like Italian cream.
Marzipan roses are just like making paper roses.

More marzipan! This was for my little sister Sophie's birthday party. She was so into panseys!

My new Bunny!

This is my latest creation. He's a little bunny peaking out of a cabbage.
I made his head from a large styrofoam ball and covered it and the ears with plaster.
He's all glittered!!

I also made the box from scratch. I painted the dots and vines. Then I added the fringes and glittered the edge of the ruffles. The cabbage leaves are paper I dyed and edged with glitter.