Thursday, May 22, 2014

We're Back!

I took little Lizzie to her favorite place in the whole world- the beach!
First, we stopped off in New Orleans.

 New Orleans is the perfect place to get dollhouse inspiration!
Little Lizzie was tuckered out.
But now the beach!  Oh how Lizzie loves having her nose full of sand!  I try to clean it off but that makes her very mad. It's like she's wearing her badge of honor. So I let her enjoy her sand!
 She looks a lot like a little bear when she runs.

This is how all that sands ends up in her nose. There's always something to dig out!
But now it's time to get back to work on minis.
Between commissions, I sneak in a little work on the Wiltshire Cottage kitchen.
 I made a simple little counter/cabinet with a carrera marble top and a pink interior.
I saw a picture of real cookies on Pinterest. They were in an old tin box. So I tried it out. The box is cardboard and the cookies are air dry clay.
 I also made this sink cabinet.  And 3 little pink shelves.
And I couldn't live with my mistakes!
 I switched the pantry's door to the other side so it would swing the right way and I shortened the 2 bottom shelves so the light would reach all the way to the bottom shelf. Ilona made me do it! :D HAhaha!!!
I made a triple window on the side. It was suppose to be a bay window but I decided it would stick out too much and be in the way. So I cut out and framed 3 arched windows. The wallpaper is canvas. It looks like linen. Love the look!
On the ceiling I went for a tin look. All you need to do is trace out a design with your hot glue gun. When you paint over the hot glue it gives you a wonderful 3D effect.
I hope everyone is doing wonderful! Until next time!