Friday, September 21, 2018

Moss Creek Manor Custom Dollhouse

Moss Creek Manor is my latest custom dollhouse. For this one I was inspired by a modern farmhouse feel. This house is 16 1/2" deep x 16 1/2" across x 19 1/2" tall.
The door is eggplant color. A pop of color yet very upscale and up to date in feel. The little pebble path is candle filler sand. It gave the perfect look to the entry. I put it down on top of a thick layer of white glue and pat it in.
 I found the massive door at Hobby Lobby. I wasn't sure if it would work. But it does! The porch light is recessed between moldings. Hidden during the day and charming at night.
 The front door wall is brick.
For the walls I went with white but very aged to give a very vintage look. It made the door color look more inviting and warm.
 The bump out section is covered with clapboard siding.
 The dormer is plaster and the embellishment is wood.

 Both sides of the house are aged plaster.
 All the window trims are wood.
Plenty of windows in this house. The little fence is from the fairy gardens department.
 The walkway is covered in candle filler sand. This one is more of a chunky pebble mix in different colors. I thought it looked awesome with the eggplant door. A few orange or white pumpkins and you are ready for fall!
 As always all the electrical components are hidden in the chimney. This is a battery operated system.
 Inside I kept up my theme of many different finishes!

The ceilings are all different. I used the wood, plaster, beams and "tin" down here.  The wallpaper is gray script and wainscoting here.
 This pendent light is a jewelry piece I found at Hobby Lobby. It's some sort of locket because it opens. Just drilled a hole at the top for the bulb. Perfection!

 The wall in front of the stairs is linen fabric trimmed with wood.

 I make my mantels out of birch wood. Here I did the outside linen and the inside white. My favorite color combo for mantels.

 Upstairs is another light and airy space. Aged plaster, beams and wallpaper here.
 The wallpaper is a cream background with hydrangeas. The wallpaper gets a light white wash to age it a bit.

This house is available in my Etsy shop 
Thank you so much for the visit! It means so much to me to have you take time to come check out my page!
big hugs all around,

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dollhouse Country Kitchen Island

Sometimes I like a little challenge just to keep things fresh.  I go through Pinterest and find some 1:1 piece I like and I try to make it into a 1:12 piece. This time I found a kitchen island featured here:
Here is my version...
It measures 6 1/4" long x 2 5/8" wide x 3 1/16" tall.

 Of course I'm quite obsessed with old paint layer looks! No short cuts here. Just layers of paint, sanding, glue, and inks. The hardest part was waiting for each layer to dry!

 For the top I carved a little groove to make it seem like 2 separate boards.
 I made a couple containers of roses and a little clay house which I put under a glass dome by Tim Holtz.
 A stack of romantic ruffle plates(HobbyLobby) and a bird cage I found with the jewelry making things.
 This little metal tub is from Hobby Lobby. After I paint it I seal it with gloss. Those pumpkins are Putka seed pods. I found a package of this color at HomeGoods last year.
To do the writing part I used teeny stamps. Then to lock in the ink I used matte spray sealer.
 Here I decided to add a little lace towel.  I sprayed it into shape with hairspray.
I made this piece available in my Etsy shop
A new house is coming soon!  Stay tuned!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Swan Lake House Custom Dollhouse

Swan Lake House is my newest custom dollhouse and it's available in my shop! I don't get to make a house that's not commissioned often. But sometimes I schedule one in. 
I took the design of my last house which was a commission for Kellie called The Christmas Window and made a couple of changes to it.  I design these myself so there are plenty of measuring mistakes when I first come up with a new plan.  The first one came out perfectly. This one needed the roof re-cut.  So some how the measurements changed! I'll have to do it a third time to try and perfect those numbers.
 The door embellishment is done with a plastic rose from Tim Holtz. The steps are concrete.
 This house is 21 1/2" tall x 15 1/4" deep x 13" wide.
 This is a purchased window that opens. The walls are plaster. They are aged with brown ink pads.
 The vines and flowers are Hobby Lobby. 

The switches and batteries are hidden in the chimney.
 The downstairs is 8 5/8" tall. Upstairs is a generous 9 1/4" tall.
The interior is so shabby chic. All pinks, creams, whites and greys. And everything perfectly aged to make a fantastic backdrop to romantic minis.
 The swans on the wallpaper gave the house it's name.  I found the paper for this house at Michael's in the scrapbook section.
 I made the mantel and added an embellishment by Melissa Frances. Then added a working fire.
 Behind the stairs is the large picture window which is a bump out section.  The wallpaper is a grey backdrop with white dots. It's heavily aged with brown ink.
 Added a light here too. I didn't want it to be dark at night.
For interest I wanted a brick wall at the stairs. 
 The upstairs has one wall of pink paper with gold bows.  The rest of the wall are aged plaster.
 I love aged, moldy looking ceilings(well in a dollhouse!).

Can you picture a comfy bed and a chair here. Maybe a desk by the bumped out window?
Thanks for coming over! I may do one more non-commissioned house next. Then back to orders.  I also did a kitchen island I'll show you next time. 
Swan Lake House available at