Monday, November 30, 2015

Miniature Boiling Over Pot

I made a little discovery I thought I'd share with you.  I needed a little pot of soup to place atop my stove.  I decided to try something new.
The result was fabulous!
All you need is 1 ingredient: Original Gorilla Glue.
I filled the pot a quarter of the way and in about 6 hours it made this terrific boiling over effect in a bouillon color. 
It dries hard with those bubbles permanently set.  After I filled my pot a fourth of the way, I placed a spoon in it. I also put the steam at the same time. This is just pillow stuffing/filler. I used the end of a brush to make sure the "steam" touched the glue. I placed the pot on a paper towel just in case it spilled over too much while the glue dried. 
So easy! Give it a try. You are going to love the result!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

I'm Back!

After taking Lizzie and Gigie to the beach the first week of October, I finally moved to a bigger, dreamy house! I should be able to create galore here!  It's big, bright, new and all wood floors. God has blessed me beyond my expectations.  Happiness!!! :)
This is the massive wall of shelf in my office.  I used ikea white boxes on there.
I'm not quite done with my desk area yet. But I'm happy with the shelves! 
That's a house ready to cut out on my desk. 
The front window is massive. And the ceiling has beams.  I'm telling you, God went all out for me here! Everything on my list is in this house. Could only be from the good Lord.
This is the view from my office. It's a pond with fountain/park.  The yards are huge with big fences. 
I lived in a house I disliked for 5 1/2 years. But I stayed in faith knowing God was working on it. And boy did he deliver!
 My message is keep believing. Your miracle is on it's way. It may take longer than you want. But when it comes it will be incredible. Trust me!
I  already had plans for my next dollhouse. Here's a sketch.  So now that we're all settled I get to start the work. I gathered my materials.  For the walls I use birch plywood sheets that are 1/8" x 12" x 24". The foundation is bass strips that are 3/16" x 1" x 24".
I received gifts too!  Thank you Monica and Elena Nikitina!
This is Elena's gift:

 She sent me her new book. It's in russian. But the pictures explain everything. And it's soooo good!!
 Isn't this amazing work?

 Elena's adorable little bear! I have been in love with her little animals since she started making them. Now I have one!
 The bucket and pitcher are so cottage cute!
 Look at this tea set!


My stash of gifts from talented bloggers is growing!  One day they will all be in one house. For now I'm keeping everything labeled in a box so it stays safe.  Thank you Elena Nikitina! Thank you Monica! Your gifts are so generous and beautiful. I'm the luckiest girl ever!
big hugs to all of you♥,