Monday, April 25, 2011

1920s Cottage Dollhouse

Here she is all done! I think this sugarplum kit by Greenleaf was just perfect to turn into a 1920s house.
Here's a reminder of the inspiration house sent to me by Melody of Brown Gingham Creations.
I love doing front porches. I made the door mat from felt and white paint for the dots. The pots are cardboard with roses that are used for scrapbooking I think.
For the wreath, I painted a left over Christmas wreath. I added a sky blue ribbon and handmade fabric roses.

These are the little chimney pots. I thought I would put the little one a little crooked for added character.

I wanted to keep this one very clean and airy with a relaxed style.

Available at :  CinderellaMoments

Sunday, April 24, 2011

1920s Cottage Dollhouse: Interior

Today, I had some interior decorating fun. I did these little matchstick blinds from a place mat.
I usually spray the curtains with hairspray to keep them in place. But this time I just ironed them the way I wanted them to look.
I painted some roses on a yellow background to put above the fireplace.
I did a molding that was a little different. I have no idea where I saw this type of molding. I just had it stuck in my brain for a long time!
This is the other downstairs window. I love the cafe curtains in cottages. I also putt the matchstick blinds here.
This is the upstairs. I painted a couple more rose pictures to put up here.
I decided on a striped blue roman shade for the attic window.
The front door is still drying. It will go on next.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1920s Cottage Dollhouse: concrete and paint

I finished my stucco and rocks on the cottage.
I use patch concrete for this. I carve the rocks with a coat of concrete that is thicker.

 I painted the stucco a warm gray. The rocks are done in different shades of cream/tan. I painted the roof green so that when I put the shingles on, no unfinished wood will show through.

Monday, April 18, 2011

1920s Cottage Dollhouse

I started my new dollhouse project.
My sweet blog friend Melody of Brown Gingham Creations always sends me the best cottage pictures. She sent me the most charming 1920s cottage.
I have to try to capture this incredible little home's sweetness.

I chose to use the Sugarplum dollhouse kit to try this house.
I started putting it together.
And I painted the interior walls a gray/blue color.
I scored the floor with a sharp knife.
I painted the dollhouse floor with a watered down medium brown.
Then I added a watered down black paint to age the floor.
I made 2 fireplaces. The inside of the fireplaces is carved plaster.
The attic has wallpaper and the same blue paint as downstairs. I Painted that floor white and aged it. It is also scored like the downstairs floor.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Artist's Cottage Dollhouse

I got the artist's cottage dollhouse done.

The  rose paintings were very easy to do. The potted flowers are all fabric I dyed and cut into a 5 petal shapes.
The things on the table are all glued down. I didn't want anything to get lost.

 The curtains are a very light pink tint cotton. They have cream bows.

I listed this dollhouse in my Etsy shop. And I'm ready for the next idea to come!