Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Swap With Ines

Ines of Liliput Things asked me to do a swap.
I've never done one before and I had no idea how these things go. She said just a couple of things to exchange. When I opened her package it contained 4 gorgeous gift boxes.
With a sweet little note and some pink fabric that will surely turn into a rug at some point down the road!
I was shocked when I opened the boxes. They were all full of precious little treasures.
A little tray with a precious yellow flower wrapped with burlap, a book with real illustrations inside and a gorgeous framed print.
two shabby chic gift bags and two shabby chic prints.
A jointed teddy bear, two print pillows and a fabric storage basket.
Three bird houses and a beautiful dry flower arrangement in a pot.
Now I feel bad! I sent her 3 things!! A rose painting, a rose bouquet and window box with roses and moss. I went for a rose theme.
When she said a couple of things I thought she meant 2 or 3. She spoiled me so much I feel like it's Christmas! Thank you so much Ines. You are truly a sweetheart. And all your gifts are amazing and gorgeous. Thank you Ines! :)

Keep Calm and Sew On tote

I made another tote. This one is total whimsy.
I finally found a place for the sampler!!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Blank Canvas Dollhouse

I created this dollhouse when a couple people contacted me to make a house that was decorator ready. They said they didn't have the time or space to make it. So here is the blank canvas Dollhouse!
I like it just the way it is all white. I'd move in here! I used the Greenleaf "Orchid" kit.
It seem that not everyone enjoys instruction manuals as much as I do.
The roof has a very light wash of gray on it.
This would be so easy to turn into a shabby chic/beach cottage. I must restrain myself!!!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Whip Cream Ruffles Tote

I made this tote from those incredible bags you can buy at Hobby Lobby! I love those. I don't have a professional sewing machine that can sew though such thick material, so these are perfect for me. I just add my girlie girl touches and voila!
I'm still obsessed with ruffles. I put them in the front and back of the bag. They are made of super soft antiqued cotton.
I lined the bag with "Darla" fabric by Tanya Whelan. Doesn't that look romantic?
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

L'Assiette de Marie Provence Stone and Stucco Cottage Custom Dollhouse

I have had this idea of making this little cottage since I first saw it in the pages of Victoria Magazine in August 1998. This is L'assiette de Marie a restaurant in St. Remy, France in the Provence area.
 This one is the real one. The first picture is my version.

I made the sunflowers from cardstock paper and I bought artificial lavender. I tried to put real lavender, but the color was not strong enough. I think the artificial one will be stronger in any case.
I made this bicycle myself with different width wire and covered with vines.

Here's the real interior.

And mine.



I made the chairs using Creer et Realiser's tutorial. But instead of using the larger toothpicks(I couldn't find them anywhere) I used popsicle sticks I cut to size with an Exacto knife.

Thanks for coming over!

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