Friday, November 30, 2012

Post Office Dollhouse

Now why can't the real post office look like this?  I made this dollhouse post office after  one of my customers, Karissa, told me her little girl loves to go to the post office.
I could instantly visualize this post office with a yellow door and gray siding. 
I left the bottom of this window open so people could pick up packages and letters.
The mailbox is cardboard. 
I put my battery and switch behind the sign.
Inside, I did one wall with really cute green checkered wallpaper. It brightens things up in a sweet way.
I made the shelving with wood. That was a lot of cutting, fitting, re cutting. LOL! You get the idea.

I also made the counter from wood.
I printed cards off the internet.
I decided to keep the light fixture on the more simple side.
The mini blind is a bamboo place mat I cut and painted with just one coat of white for a very rustic finish. 

Thanks for coming over and looking at the post office dollhouse!  I hope Karissa's daughter has hours of fun with it. 
I hope everyone is doing well and having lots of fun!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Marie Antoinette Cottage Dollhouse

Antonia contacted me about making her a Marie Antoinette inspired little dollhouse.
I immediately thought of le Hameau de la Reine at Versailles.  The little cottages are so cute!
 So I took a little from each lovely little house and made my own version.
 The windows are my favorite!
 I found these sheets of coconut basket liners at Lowe's. They are so big that I could make the entire roof with one piece. This is by far my best thatched roof yet.
 As always the battery and switch are in the chimney.
I tried putting in curtains. But I just love the simplicity of the interior so much.  I think I'll let Antonia decide for herself.
 This ceiling is perfect for this house. It's all Popsicle sticks.
The painted paneling is framed with Popsicle sticks. I painted roses on bookbinding and then glued that on the frames.

 This is a painting of the moulin/watermill cottage at the Hameau/Hamlet.
  I painted another rug an book binding fabric.

 I made an antique Trumeau mirror.
Thanks so much for coming over!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Alana's Bakery Dollhouse

I just finished a bakery for Alana, Karissa's little girl.
I did a mix of brick and siding on this house.
 I wanted a total vintage feel for this house. Inside and out.

Downstairs is more aged. I made stains on the wallpaper with a brown ink pad.  I also scrubbed the wallpaper until it wore off and moved it around while it was still wet to get bumps and lumps in it.
The ceiling is textured. I have a nice seam running along to add age here too. Imperfection makes it look more authentic. No real old has is perfect. So I try to add little touches that would really be in an old house with character.

 I made a tall, skinny fireplace for a more Victorian look.  The frame for the painting is a Christmas ornament.
I used book binding to paint a design for a rug.

 I made some bakery sweets too.  I made everything out of regular clay and paint. 

I think the upstairs will be quite cozy when it's all furnished.
That's one more done! Wait!!!!
I forgot the flower box!
Now it's done!
Next, I'll show you a Marie Antoinette Hameau inspired little cottage.  I should get it done today.
Until next time!