Sunday, October 28, 2018

Maison Pain D'epices Custom Dollhouse

I did my annual Christmas gingerbread dollhouse.  In the past they have been traditional Christmas colors. This year pastels!
It's called "Maison Pain D'epices" and it's available in my Etsy shop.
The dollhouse is 20" tall x 19 1/2" deep x 16" across.
The house is made of wood. Then to get that cookie look we used plaster and paint.  The icing is all plaster piped out just like with real cookies.
There are lots of tiny ornaments available at craft stores.
The little wreath was a plain green one. I added loads of white paint and a pretty pink bow.
The snow flakes are ornaments for a tiny tree.(Hobby Lobby)
And I hunted for beautiful beads that could pass off as candy.

This house is furnished.
All the lights run on batteries and the switches are hidden in the chimney.
I had made the cupboard and island previously. I really wanted to see them in place in a house. This project was the perfect spot!

I put some lights on the Christmas tree.  I glued the switch to the base of the tree. These are nano lights.

I love the stairs because they look so vintage and charming.

Maison Pain D'Epices is available here:
I hope you love this sweet treat of a house! Back to commissions!   See you next time.