Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shabby Chic Trailer Dollhouse

My Shabby Chic Trailer dollhouse is complete.
 My base is the Greenleaf Travel Trailer Kit.  I had ordered it last year before I made all those custom trailers. But I decided not to leave it in its box undone. I just made a few changes to it. The trailer's overall length 26"(trailer housing is 21") x 8 1/4" wide x 10" tall
 First off, I cut about 2" of length from the front of the trailer. The original kit has this weird shaped front to it. I wanted a simpler and straighter wall so I could put a mantel inside. This left a big blank space in the front. A big blackboard was the perfect shabby chic touch to fill the space. The blackboard is real blackboard paper(scrapbook) that you can write on.
 I covered the whole trailer with scrapbook corrugated paper painted white. Then I aged everything with a brown ink pad.
I made an air conditioning unit to hide the battery and switch in.

For the side of the trailer I changed all the windows.
I added a porch roof and a wider step for the front door. And I made a screen door. The outside door got a new window.

I got this idea for the mailbox here.
I decided to have green shutters for my big window. And the other window got a window box filled with flowers. The flowers are Heathers I buy at Hobby Lobby and cut into little pieces. The vines are from curly willows with some green vine leaves from Hobby Lobby. Check my resources page for all the links.
The hubcaps are jewelry findings end caps.
On the back of the trailer I added a window, break lights and a license plate.
 Inside I made all of the furniture except the kitchen chairs.
 I found the cereal box printable online. The cup of coffee was a purchase as was the milk. I just repainted the milk cap pink.
 I made a small mantel with "tin" tiles made out of hot glue.  The bedroom is my favorite part! It's separated by a curtain.
I put long hinges on the screen door for super stability.  Then aged them with mustard and brown color paints. The basket is made with string you use in the kitchen. I wove it on wires and then drenched the whole thing in modge podge. It dries hard and you can paint it.
Well that's my shabby chic trailer!
Thanks for coming to take a look!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shabby Chic Trailer Dollhouse

The trailer now has wood floor(Popsicle/craft sticks) and wall coverings. I used a ridged paper for the wainscoting(from the scrapbook section of the craft store) and a linen fabric for the top(also scrapbook). 
The Windows and door got some framing with Popsicle sticks cut lengthwise. 
Everything is painted white except the fabric on the top of the wall. I made a sink/stove, a table, bed and mantel. The chairs are from Hobby Lobby. 
For the exterior I used the same ridged paper but horizontally this time. Sorry for the dark photos but a huge storm was happening at the time.
The front has no window because I really wanted a mantel in the trailer.
The back does have a window. I cut it out with a small box cutter.  
Now I'm putting in lights and trimming the outside. I'll be back soon to show this.
Thanks so much for coming by!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Shabby Chic Trailer Dollhouse

My new project is a shabby chic style cottage. I'm using the Travel Trailer kit by Corona. 
Of course I will make a couple of changes. When I bash or change a kit I usually sketch on the kit itself. 
This is the front of the trailer. I marked where I want to cut the trailer in the front. The weird lip cut out is too harsh for this project. I'm also lengthening the  windows and changing that middle window.
I used a scroll saw. I also cut the bottom and supports of the trailer to match this front piece.  Next, I'll be putting this together!  
I'm also working on the Blythe house.