Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Promenade Townhouse Dollhouse

This is Promenade Dollhouse. It's a custom dollhouse I made from scratch.
 This dollhouse is 20" tall x 13" across  x 13 1/2" deep.
 For this house, I went with a very sophisticated palette of grays accented with crisp white trims.
 The vines are from Hobby Lobby. Please check my "resources" page for links on products I use.
 The trellis is bass wood veneer I cut into thin strips.  The shutters came from the Primrose kit I used to use when I first started building dollhouses.

 I made the little garden with an iron fence, more vines, Heather sprays of flowers and roses I made myself.  I glued down sand(the kind used for candle fillers) using simple white glue.

There's a white wash on the pine Popsicle stick floow. That's just regular white paint thinned down with water.
 I decided to leave the interior completely white.

 I love the rustic look of the uneven floor boards. It gives the house so much character.
 I got the little birdcage from Hobby Lobby. It's a section with embellishments near the scrapbook isle. It was a brass color to begin. I dunked it in the white paint can and let it drip dry. This puts a thick coat of paint on the object.  Then I put a little light inside and covered it with vines and roses.

There's also a light above the front door.  I tried out a french door handle. I did this by sticking a piece of bent wire into a bead. Then I painted the "enamel" part with nail polish in layers to get a thick look.
I then painted the rest with black enamel paint and aged it with maroon acrylic paint.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Spring. And that all your mini projects are coming together with ease! Thanks for stopping by!
This house is available in my Etsy shop: www.cinderellamoments.etsy.com