Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017!

Wishing all of you the best year ever. May 2017 bring you everything you ever desired!  Thank you so much for all the visits here on my website. I truly appreciate everyone of you! :)
Now onto 2017! My next house is almost finished. I'll be sharing photos soon. 
All the best and very big hugs♥,

Monday, December 26, 2016

Dollhouse Making: Easy Wood Product To Build Structure

I'm always looking for products that will make your dollhouse construction easier. Not everyone wants to invest in wood cutting machines. So I found a product that's pretty easy to cut with even a craft knife! And it's cheap too.
 This is called Tempered Hardboard. I bought mine at Home Depot for $5 a sheet. The sheets are 2' x 4' and 1/8" thick. I usually need 2 sheets per project.
The material is a composite. But it does not warp with moisture. So it's perfect for paint, glue, plaster or concrete application. One side is smooth and the other is rough.
You can use a craft knife or a box cutter. Just score both sides for a neat and clean cut. Sanding is a breeze too.
The end result is a dollhouse that is just as strong as if you had used hardwood.  So if you can't get your hands on a saw try this stuff out. I think you will be very surprised with the result.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Custom Blythe Doll Kittie

This is Kittie! She's my new custom Blythe. She started out as Tea For Two Encore Blythe.
 Her face was totally redone by sanding it down and recarving the lips, nose,cheeks. Then her make-up was reapplied.

I only changed one set of pupils. I used an icy by my sister made for me. The rest of the colors are original to the doll.

I made her the little jeans, apron and hat.
Kittie is up for adoption in my Etsy shop.

A House For Blythe Custom 1/6 Playscale Dollhouse

Here are the photos for my 1/6 scale dollhouse I made especially for Blythe dolls that are 12" tall dolls. This is the house I built for my how to book. 
 It measures 23 1/2" tall x 24 1/4" deep x 21 1/2" across.

The switch and battery are hidden in the chimney. They are for the mantel fire and the porch chandelier.

I aged the exterior walls. Then I applied white glue and let it get tacky. Next, a coat of white paint applied in one direction and no over-lapping. 
All the little pots, moss, flower sprays are from Hobby Lobby. Check my "resources" page for links. The pink roses are mulberry paper roses.
 The dirt is coffee grounds. I got the wheelbarrow in the fairy garden department of Hobby Lobby.

I made this chandelier on the porch.

Inside I made the bed, chair, table, mantel, rose painting, little books.

This is a chandelier for lockers. It is perfect for a 1/6 dollhouse. I loved the color.

Embroidery work in progress!
This is Blythe doll Kittie. She's available in my Etsy shop.
The house is available for purchase on Etsy.
The DIY book is available on Blurb as a paper book or PDF at:
Also as an Ebook:
Or in my Etsy shop:

A House for Blythe DIY Book for 1/6 Playscale

I finished my 1/6 scale book! Finally Blythe has a house! LOL! 
It's available on Blurb as a paper book or PDF at:
Also as an Ebook:
Or in my Etsy shop:
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Life is an Adventure Custom Trailer Dollhouse

I made a cute little trailer dollhouse called "Life is an Adventure."  This is a completely custom piece. It's 1/12 scale(1 inch scale). Overall length is 16 1/2"(trailer housing is 13") x 8 1/2" wide x 9 3/4" tall.