Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Lakehouse: How a Project Begins

Many times I'm asked how I put all the designs together for a house. First, I make a Pinterest Board: 
You can put anything that catches your eye on this board.Sometimes I even go a totally different way then the first idea I had.  Before deciding on The Lakehouse I wanted to do a more modern structure. But after putting all these photos together on a board , it became clear to me that a different project was emerging.
Next, make a list of everything you want and need for this project. I also order things I will need like the lights
Then I do a little gathering of some of the things I have to see an actual representation of the project. Seeing these items in front of me keeps me focused.
My next step is to cut out my walls.  I buy sheets of birch plywood at Michael's craft store:
I draw out my floor plan on what will be the floor. This way I can see if the layout works and if my furniture will fit.
I'm off to cut this out. I use a scroll saw now.  It's about a $70-$80 investment for a cheap one. I bought the Ryobi 16" variable speed scroll saw. What I like about it: it's easy to make straight cuts. What I don't like about it: making interior cuts (like inside a window where you can't come in from an outside edge) is a pain. You have to fiddle with a screw in a tiny place to get the blade off. And I have very slim fingers and it's still not easy. If you spend the $700-$800 on a scroll saw I hear that is not a problem and the saw blade easily pops in and out. 
I hope 2016 is treating all of you well. Great things are ahead. Believe it and know it.  I'm so happy you came over and spent a little time with me!