Friday, January 31, 2014

Debbie's Farmhouse

Debbie's Farmhouse dollhouse is ready.
It's a wrap around porch farm.  The front wall has hand carved brick I made from concrete patch.  I decided the bricks should be a very light palette.  I made the flower boxes from left over scraps of wood. I filled them with moss and artificial flowers I got at Hobby Lobby. They are called Heathers. They are sold as a bush in the regular floral department. To make them miniature dollhouse size I cut them into little pieces.
The vines too come from Hobby Lobby.
This side is perfect white siding.

And the third side is rocks.  It's actually patch concrete I carved as rock and painted.
This little house got furniture.  Almost everything is handmade. The only things I didn't make is the 2 kitchen pieces(sink & oven).
The upstairs has a bed I made from wood veneer.  There's an ice cream on top of the comforter.

The little book in the front is a scrapbook. It's actually filled with pictures and images.

The mantel is grey. Then I applied cream paint over it.  I made a cake, dress painting and a glitter house.
The ceiling is scrapbook paper.  The chandeliers are all handmade and battery operated.

The bookcase in the back is made from scratch too.  I used the veneer wood for this . The table in the front was a kit for a dresser. I used the other parts in another project and was left with a table top  and legs. It made a perfect coffee table.

I made the crates from leftover veneer. The little nail heads are painted on with a gold paint marker. The lettuce head is white printer paper I painted green. Then I cut little rounded leaves and glued them together like a rose.
And these little houses are made of clay.
Thanks for coming over and looking at the farmhouse!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Featured & Debbie's Farmhouse

First I want to thank A-M for featuring my dollhouse on her blog
It's always so nice to hear other artists like your work! I'm truly honored.  A-M makes miniature foods out of polymer clay. Something I have yet to work with.  Her work is impeccable.  I hope you'll drop in for a visit.  Thank you A-M!

I'm working on a new dollhouse. This one is for Debbie.  It's another shabby chic farmhouse with a wrap around porch.  

I decided to have 3 different textures on the exterior walls -  brick for the front entry wall, siding for the peaked wall and
stone on the 3rd wall.
Now the stones are all painted.
The brick wall is cream for now. I really love it like this. But I'm not sure if I will leave it or paint it??
I've made furniture and accessories for the inside.  There will be an upstairs where the bed will go. 

I made a Youtube channel.  I hope to upload tutorial videos there in the future.  For now I just posted one video of pictures of Pearl Cottage.  If you want to take a look here's the link:
I used the music from Anne of Green Gables.  It's worth seeing just for that! I love this music!♥
Have a fantastic week!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jen's Pink Cottage is Complete!

Here's Jen's Pink Cottage custom dollhouse-
I didn't use a kit for this one. I just got plywood from the hardware store and cut out all 3 walls, the roof and dormer.  Jen decided this house needed a wrap around porch. And the result is sweet!
 This house has a swing!
I painted some roses on it.
 The little rabbit girl is my sister's Sophie's creation. She'll be available in my Etsy shop

The switch for all 3 chandeliers is here in the chimney. The battery is also in here.

I made the bed out of veneer wood.  And the bedding is all hand sewn fabrics.

I painted 3 rose paintings. There's an extra chandelier on the floor because Jen needs it for her Shabby Chic dollhouse she already bought from me.

I bought the little bucket at at store and painted it. Then I used high gloss for shine.

I made a very light pink chair, white mantel and dress painting.
Thanks for coming over to visit!
Added another chandelier on the side porch!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

American Miniaturist Magazine with Butterfly Cottage Feature

Butterfly Cottage is in the February issue of American Miniaturist Magazine.
The beautiful work of Susanne of is on the cover.  I LOVE♥ Susanne's work! What an honor to be featured in this issue with so many incredibly talented artists. 
This is the first time I've been asked by a miniature magazine to write a feature article!  And I have been asked to have the chandelier tutorial(I think it's in the March issue) and 2 other dollhouses also appear in this fantastic magazine.  I'm just so thrilled!  Thank you Auralea Krieger the Editor for American Miniaturist Magazine for giving me such an awesome opportunity.  If you want your minis to appear in this magazine contact Auralea at . She is so sweet and will guide you through the steps of getting your dollhouse miniatures into the magazine. 
This is a great issue. You can get it here: