Monday, July 30, 2018

Weekend Chateau Custom Dollhouse: Getting Started

My newest project is called Weekend Chateau dollhouse.  This is a commission that is like Somewhere in France just a wee bit smaller just by an inch or so on 2 sides.

I started with 3 sheets of hardboard from Home Depot. Measured and planned all my cuts.
Then I put the 3 exterior walls and the downstairs floor together with glue. Use hot glue to hold it all together. It's much more practical then clamps.

Next I put up the 2 interior walls.
Next, the floors get glued on, painted and aged. The walls are coated with plaster and beadboard and paneling. And the interior window trims get glued on. These are the same popsicle sticks I use on the floor but cut lengthwise to get small strips.
The hole for the stairs is cut out and the ceiling gets plaster.
This is the living room.
The center hall is the stairs, entry and a closet under the stairs.

This is the kitchen with a bit different floor from the rest of the house. I found these precut squares and rectangles of wood at Michael's.
I will update you with more progress soon. Be good and make more minis!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Juniper Lane Dollhouse

My last commission was Juniper Lane, a Custom Dollhouse. Unfortunately, I’m having major internet issues and can only blog with limited access. So these were the only photos I was able to upload.
This needed to be a fairytale like cottage with 2 turrets reminiscent of an early cottage of mine called “Someday my Prince Will Come.” This is a 1” scale house. 

I used plaster for the smooth walls and concrete to make the stones. The roof is coconut fiber that is used to line hanging baskets. This is much cleaner to work with then the loose coconut fibers!

All the vines and flowers are from Hobby Lobby. You’ll find links on the resources page.

The interior was inspired my my 1/2 scale “Miss Read’s Cottage.”