Thursday, November 27, 2014

La Maison de Campagne Custom Dollhouse

My french style mansard roof dollhouse is done.  It's called La Maison de Campagne.
All the chandeliers, porch light and fireplace are run by batteries and switches hidden in the 2 chimneys.
 Downstairs is the living room and kitchen. 
 I made 2 upholstered chairs, a rug, coffee table, mantel, painting of the Petit Hameau of Marie Antoinette, a little dog, plant.  The mantel has a battery operated "fire".
 In the kitchen I made a vintage stove, shelves and a table. I purchased the 2 chairs.

 Upstairs, you'll find a little atelier and a bedroom.
 I made a cozy bed and a nightstand for this room. The lace curtain is sprayed with hairspray(all the house's curtains are) so they hang properly.
 The desk in here is from a House of Miniatures kit. I made the chair by just winging it. 
 On the desk there's a watercolor set, paintbrush, oeuvres d'art in progress, a little rag.
The roof is a simulated metal roof. It's all paint effects. On the walls I used premixed concrete.
I had to make these doors. I had ordered some which got lost by the mailman. I By the time someone returned them to me it was too late. I had already made the set you see here. These doors were not hard to make but they did take an entire day.

This house is available in my shop

Thanks for the visit!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Easy Dollhouse Miniature Door Knob / Lever Tutorial

Here is a super easy and fast dollhouse door knob or door handles (actually lever) tutorial. I made some doors from scratch for my upcoming french mansard roof house - "La Maison de Campagne."  
And they needed some classic hardware. So here's what I came up with!
These door knobs are super easy and quick to make with very simple materials.
You'll need glue, wire (I used 26 gauge), acrylic paint in a golden brown color for aging, black enamel paint(you could also gloss regular acrylic), cardboard, 2 size of beads ( a teeny bead about 1mm and a  2 or 3mm bead).
Cut the wire into 4 inch pieces. You need 4 of them. Bend the wire in half and twist.  Cut the cardboard into long rectangles and cut off the four corners. Mine are 1/4" x 1 1/4" long(6.35 mm x 31.75mm). And cut a smaller rectangle for the insert 3/8" x 1" (9.52mm x 25.4mm). Glue insert on larger rectangle.
Roll the twisted wire into an "s" shape.
Glue the bigger bead onto the cardboard.
I glue the wire handles onto the bead. I used a piece of wood to hold each handle in place while it dries.  I also dropped the tiny bead in the middle to finish off the handle. Let dry completely.
And use brown or golden brown to have a little. That's it!  So simple and easy!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Customized Blythe Doll Elizabeth Blaire

This is a new custom Blythe doll available in my shop, Elizabeth Blaire.
Her face was carved by my sister Sophie(SugarMoon). I was carving Blythe faces when Sophie came in and wanted to try her hand at it. She's now hooked on giving these dolls a new look. I painted the eyelids, gave a styled haircut and made the clothes. It's our new collaboration! :)
 This doll had some pretty cute eyechips. One set was a gorgeous shade of pink.
 I painted a nest on her apron.
 She has purple eyechips too.
 This is the set of eyes Sophie made for this doll.

 I made her some overalls and a t-shirt.  I hope to start stocking these overalls in my shop. They take so long to make though. I made real pockets on the top front, in the side of the pants, and in the back.

 This is another stock set of eyes she came with. They are aqua.
These dolls are so fun to make. You can just see a personality coming out. Too cute.  She's in my Etsy shop!

My next post is on the french style mansard dollhouse.  I'm almost done with the furniture.  The exterior is all done. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Customized Blythe Doll Abigail

This is Abigail my newest customized Blythe doll. She was commissioned by Marie. She stands 12" tall.
 Abigail started out life as  Blythe doll greatest circus performer Zinochika.

I kept her beautiful hair that she came with. I just gave her a little hair cut. 
Her eyelids were painted and she has new eyelashes. Her eyes were boggled/gaze corrected and she now has sleepy eyes. Sleepy eyes means her eyes stay closed. You have to pull the second string to open them again.

Abigail's nose, philtrum and lips were carved. Her face has new makeup and freckles.

I made her overalls, a t-shirt, new pull and boots. Her cardigan came from another Blythe that I made over. I also made her a scarf and hat.

Abigail has 4 different eye colors.
 blue with roses
and green
Thanks for coming over to meet Abigail!