Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunny Side Up Custom Dollhouse

Sunny Side Up Dollhouse is ready!  It's another custom start to finish. It just starts with a drawing on paper. Then I decide what size it will be and I'm off!
This idea came from a happy looking cottage I saw on Pinterest. I gather ideas to inspire the build. You can take a look at my board:
This is how my interpretation came out. This house is 19 1/2" tall x 20" across x 16 3/4" deep.   
The front steps and chimney are covered with concrete.
The cracking of the paint is done by applying glue, letting it dry and applying the paint.

The tutorial for the mailbox is on my tutorials page.

The door's  stained glass look is done with a product from Hobby Lobby called Gallery Glass. It's basically 'liquidy' white glue.
This is lots of fun to do. The result looks amazing. I did both sides of the "glass" to get the ultimate stained glass look. Give it a try- you will love it!
As always, my battery and switch are hidden in the chimney.
I stayed very busy making all the furniture and accessories.

The entry bench is a very simple Prim design I made out of 1/16" bass. This is what I use to make most of the furniture.

My first bunny made out of clay. I used the flocking method I saw on Pinterest of cutting up yarn and gluing it on the body. 

I hope you enjoyed the visit!  This house is available in my Etsy shop. I'm already working on the next house.  See you soon.
P.S.  For those of you who don't think you could ever make a dollhouse like this- just try it! I work with my sister on these houses. When she saw the design I believe she called me "CRAZY".  She was worried about that little front porch. Well we did it. You can do anything! Go for it!!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunny Side Up Dollhouse Progress

I've moved along on "sunny Side Up" dollhouse.  The roof angles are always a challenge. Also the stairs were challenging. 

 I used walnut stain and gloss for the floors.
 I made the 3 chandeliers with wire and crystal beads. There's a light in the center. These are battery operated lights that are connected to a switch in the chimney. Check the resources page by clicking the tab at the top of this page to get the link to the battery operated lights.

I had to cut the top of the stair's banister so the roof would fit. I'm not sure if I'll put any railings on the second floor. It might look too weird. 
 Upstairs the ceiling is plastered and the walls are papered with scrapbook paper.
Here you can see the angled roofs. This angle was easy to cut for some reason. Usually I have to cut at least twice to get it right.
 This will be the bedroom items.
 I tried flocking on this little rabbit. I made the rabbit out of clay. Then I cut yarn bits and glued them onto the rabbit.
 This tray table is the one from my tutorial. Check out the tutorials page by clicking the tab at the top of this page. I made the picture frame from cardboard.
 These are the kitchen items. 
 The boiling pot is also on my tutorial page. 
 The only piece of furniture I didn't make is the chair. I painted it and added a cushion.  I think the mixer is from Michael's. I gave it a new paint job. The bowl was a plastic bowl I painted and added some clay strawberries to. I sprayed the napkin and placemat with hairspray to keep them hanging like they would in real life.
 This is the stuff that will be on the porch.  The flowers are very simple to make.  I have a tiny hole punch for the petals. I shaped the petals into bowl shapes. I glued the petals onto a clay ball. If you search on Pinterest you'll find great tutorials for these. 
Here's so of the things for the living room.  I made the basket with twine.  The soil in that wooden box is coffee.  I made the coffee table by looking at some Pinterest photos. 
The outside clapboard siding is now going up. I'll be back with an update very soon.
Keep creating!