Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Snowdrift Cottage Custom Dollhouse

A little bit of a winter feel...
 This dollhouse is "Snowdrift Cottage." Handmade, one of a kind and lighted.
 It is 16" tall  x 14 1/2"deep x 12 1/2" across.
 The snow is Snow-Tex. I found it at Michael's.
 I think the berries came from Hobby Lobby. The vines came from Hobby Lobby.  You can find a link on my resources page.

 I made the crown from a mould by Prima Marketing.

 This front moulding is also made with a Prima Marketing mould.
Add glitter to your snow for a more realistic look of crystals.
 The interior is 11" x 10" x 14" tall.

 This front wall is plaster painted grey with beadboard bottom painted white. The beadboard is cardboard that is ridged. You can find it in the scrapbook isle of the craft store.

Thanks for the visit!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Harvest Moon Lane Cottage Custom Dollhouse

My latest dollhouse is Harvest Moon Lane Cottage. It's 1/12 scale.
It's one of those houses that can easily be decorated for any season. 
 I did the usual neutral interior.

 The entry bumps out 2" plus the steps.
 The house is 16 1/2" tall x 15 1/2" deep x 12 1/4" across,

 I kept the windows to one side so there would be lots of wall space for furniture throughout the rest of the cottage.
 The interior is 11" front to back plus a 2" entry x 10" across x 14" tall.
Available in my Etsy shop: www.cinderellamoments.etsy.com
 I'm off to figure out my next house! Thank you for the visit!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Holly Jolly Christmas Cottage Custom Dollhouse

It's Christmas!
Well, it's Christmas here at Holly Jolly Christmas Cottage!
 This is a 1/12 scale house. This house is 15" deep x 12 1/2" across x 16 1/2" tall.
Inside is 14" tall x 10 1/4" across x 11" deep.

 I found this snowman at Hobby Lobby.  He had a weird hat on. So I had to change that!
 The little number on the door is Tim Holtz.  I usually find these at Michael's.
 The greenery and berries are from Hobby Lobby. I think I also found the sleigh at Hobby Lobby. It was red.
 The lights are from Evan Designs: https://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/collections/hobby-leds/products/colored-light-string-for-minatures-and-dioramas

 The walls are plaster aged with brown ink.
 The bricks are done with ready mixed concrete.
The snow I use is called Snow-Tex by DecoArt. I found it at Michael's.

 This is a bottlebrush tree from Hobby Lobby. It was on a long wire stick, on top of a wood block. I cut the stick down and made my own wood box so I could hide the lights' battery and switch. I found a gold bead garland and small pink fabric roses to decorate the tree. All the rest is beads.
 I made the bed from bass wood you can find at Hobby Lobby.
 The chair is made with that same wood.

Thanks for the visit and Merry Christmas!  :)