Friday, August 17, 2012

Phoebe's Cottage

I have almost gotten to the end of Phoebe's Cottage.  Marie saw the " Sprinkled With Love" cottage and wanted something very similar.
I also got a new background for my pictures! Now the cottages will look like they are deep in the woods. LOL!  It's a large poster I got at Hobby Lobby.  Just the right scale for the trees too! 

I'm not sure what's going to go above the mantel just yet. I like this little frame. I'll see how Marie feels about it. 

Also the Teeny Weeny Streamside is on its way to Hawaii  for Duanna.  I tried to fit myself into that box, but it was a bit uncomfortable! LOL!

This is a 1/4" scale dollhouse. 
I better get to work on my contest entry for the Greenleaf contest. It's  still missing  roofing material. I'm not sure what I'll use. I'll share pictures with you in September.
Thanks for dropping by!
Hugs all around!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My projects

I sold out of my book in my Etsy shop. But they are available from the publisher here:
I'll have my Etsy shop restocked August 17th.

Tracie Dean of Dean Designs has put a gorgeous post up about my book on her blog. 
Thank you Tracie! You are a sweetheart!!

I'm working on some commissioned orders.  One is another teeny weeny Streamside Studio. This one is going to Hawaii.
It's a 1/4th scale dollhouse.  
Cutting out all the windows and door is the hardest. I wish I could find some little tool to get the job done faster and easier. If any of you have a tip please share it with me! I cut these out with my utility/box cutter knife.
In these small houses instead of adding wood or siding to it(which would make it too chunky) I carve out the grooves of the wood floor and wainscoting. I used the box cutter for this.
You can also see the "tin" ceiling. I used the hot glue gun to make a very simple design 3D. I used my big glue gun not the little one. I found it  actually makes no difference if you use the small or big glue gun. Same result.
This is the tiny door.

I'm also working on a 1/12 project called 'phoebe's Cottage"
Downstairs has pink polka dot wallpaper and cream beadboard and gray floors.
Upstairs has a very exposed board plaster wall with little remnants of pink wallpaper. I'm not sure how I will finish this wall. I think I need an aging treatment.
Doing an exposed wall is very simple. Just lay down plaster liberally. Then cut craft sticks in half lengthwise and you'll have little lats. Squoosh the lats into the plaster making sure the plaster oozes out in between. Then I'll probably sand it a bit when it has dried for a cleaner look.
The sweet fireplace is almost ready. I'll be making some big "tin" tiles to put inside.
Until next time!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Book To Make Your Own Shabby Chic Dollhouse

My book is here! It's all about making a shabby chic dollhouse start to finish. I have a few to sell here on my blog. Selling it here didn't work out. The PayPal link is not working! So I will put it up in my Etsy Shop:

 If you buy the book directly from me on Etsy I'll send you a little hand painted picture of roses to go above a mantel like the one you see under the crown in the picture below.



There's the button on the right sidebar at the very top of my blog to go to if oyu prefer buying from the publisher. 
I'd also like to thank everyone for the sweet comments on the giveaway. I promise to have another coming up very soon.